Impression – Haiyore! Nyaruko-san W, Episode 04

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san W








I will never understand what draws me to this series. I don’t think that anything important actually happened in this episode and that statement is based on the standards that have been set by this show. Tamao starts the action by putting on some make up and complaining that there is no one to see her in this state. I am not the biggest fan of make up. I just think that it is a whole lot of time, money, and effort spent on possibly looking better than you usually do. At times it is too much and people look worse. Of course, make up can be done very nicely, and my opinion shouldn’t matter because no one is trying to look good for me, but that is just my opinion. If I had to describe what actually happened, then I would say that Mahiro went shopping, the aliens followed him, Tamao was uncomfortable, and Yoichi is really good at sports that don’t matter. That was literally it. Oh, I guess the mascot characters and Mahiro’s mom fought some things, but that wasn’t important. If you could take anything away from what happened, then it should probably be the fact that Tamao might have a thing for Mahiro. She spends a good amount of time being depressed and she gets even more uneasy when she is talking to Nyaruko about Mahiro. This gets really obvious when Nyaruko talks about the time that she kissed Mahiro. I would say that her reactions and the very stupid advice add up to Tamao not trying her hardest to help her friends hook up. I might be looking into this a little too much, but that was the only thing that I could focus on this time around.

My mom uses forks as weapons.

My mom uses forks as weapons.












Current Opinion of the Show:

I am banging my head against a wall right now. Not literally. My neighbors would not like hearing that. I am just really confused. I always say that this is the kind of series that makes me want to watch it regardless of how stupid it gets. The worst part of this mindset is the fact that this episode literally put me to sleep. I knocked out right after Tamao finished talking to Nyaruko and I had to go back and watch that conversation again to make sure that I got everything I could out of it. Even after that, I still want to watch more. This isn’t even masochistic anymore. I have reached the realm of pure stupidity. I am not saying that the series is that bad, but I can’t imagine sticking with any series that puts me to sleep. What did I actually like about this episode? I guess I am excited to possibly see Tamao becoming a more prominent character. Do I think it will actually happen? No, but I would like to see it. I don’t know why, but Tamao is my second favorite character right after Kuuko. Maybe that is because I just really don’t like Nyaruko and Hasuta. I guess that I am looking forward to the next episode because it looks like the new character could be related to Kuuko and I like Kuuko heavy episodes.

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