Impression – Suisei no Gargantia, Episode 04

Suisei no Gargantia








We all knew that this would happen. This episode brought us that classic emotionless outsider learns about a new culture from a child thing. Does that happen too often? Yes, but I think that the writing quality in this series has pulled through once again. Chamber is being used to move cargo, but Red isn’t really suited for that kind of labor. That means Amy gets to take the guy out to meet some people. The local doctor was the first target because Red is looking for any sort of knowledge that may help him get back to the Galactic Alliance. Unfortunately, most of the scientific records from before the exodus into space have been lost. That leaves Red with one last query. The space colonies treat life in a heartless way that fits what most science fiction writers agree would be logical. People that are not physically capable of doing their part are killed off, meat is no longer a part of everyday nutrition, and all members of society are trained to achieve a specific goal. The goal in this series is fighting aliens. Obviously, this lifestyle makes Red question why this primitive society acts in such an inefficient way. You can’t kill your enemies, you eat dead animals, and sick people are allowed to use up precious resources. Honestly, the Earth would be much better off if we cut down this crazy population and focused solely on scientific development. However, that just feels empty. Now, to tell our main character what I just said in a way that is supposed to pull at your heartstrings, the sickly child that can appeal to the spaceman with his pure, yet oddly wise words. Bevel is Amy’s younger brother and he does what we expected him to do. He appealed to Red by talking about how, regardless of the way in which you go about running society, we are all just trying to live our lives. Bevel asks the important questions. Why is the colony at war with the Hideazue? Because they threaten human lives. What happens if you win the war? Wait for further orders. What if they never come? You still have to wait. Isn’t that waiting also living? This wasn’t really an attack on Red’s mindset. It was an attempt to gain a common ground. I can’t really do it justice. We had the classic “make the robot cry” moment when the ocarina/flute thing that Red was making reminded him of someone who he knew as a child. I wonder how much longer this can last.

We take water for granted.

We take water for granted.









Current Opinion of the Show:

I am still very high on this show. I would say that it is just a saying, but I am a little light-headed right now. I think I am just dehydrated. That wasn’t meant to be a segue, because this is turning into a headache and that sucks, but it does hit on something important from this episode. We take water for granted. Indoor plumbing is great, but we use fresh water in an extremely wasteful manner. Why did I choose to bring this up now? There was a very powerful moment in the episode where everyone flipped their lids over the fact that it started raining and they all began to collect the water. Fresh water is something that is essential to life and that made the scene very impactful. Well, that and the amazing animation quality in this series. I am just in love with this series as a whole. The action may have taken a step back, but that didn’t mean that the story decided to take the day off. They are building up to something big. I can’t tell you what it is, but I can feel it coming. Get your mind out of the gutter. I know it is early, but I wonder how they will handle the whole “E.T. phone home” moment that is inevitable. It may not be phoning home, but Chamber will get the star pattern down eventually. That is probably the thing that is dominating my mind in regards to this series right now. I am really looking forward to more of the fun that Red will be introduced to, but I am scared because of the director’s history. Let’s hope that the tragedy never happens.

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