News – Batgirl’s Injustice Gameplay Revealed, 5/9/13

A lot of people were worried when they announced that Batgirl was going to join the Injustice crew. Not because she is a bad choice as far as heroes go, but because there was the possibility that we would be getting a Batman clone. The picture that was given to us a week ago made people think that the bat gauntlets were going to be the featured part of her fighting style. Not a bad choice, but what I see in this video has me even more excited. There is a part of the Bat Family arsenal that has been overlooked by the game developers thus far. That is the ninja aspect of their fighting style. Batman is the night. What we can see in this video is just that. Batgirl is going to be using the deceptive aspect of the Bat fighting style. That is really cool and I am hoping that the next DLC wave includes that Joker skin. There is a lot to look forward to with this game.

I already forgot about Lobo.

I already forgot about Lobo.

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