Impression – Hataraku Maou-sama!, Episode 07

hataraku maou-sama!








We got some pretty interesting developments in this episode. Suzuno is supposed to be a girl from a traditional family that just happened to move in next door to the demon lord. She is not fooling anyone. The girl is obviously that messenger from the last episode that was talking about eliminating Maou and Emi for the good of the church. Nothing was confirmed on that front, but I can’t see this going in any other direction. Emi asked if this new girl was “after” Maou, and that caused a bad misstep in translation. Maou is a little too easy-going for someone whose life has been threatened on multiple occasions. Oh well, it has made for some pretty interesting comedy. Aside from Suzuno infiltrating the house, there were two pretty interesting things that happened. The first was something that I am very happy with. Suzuno gave a homemade lunch to Maou that he brought out in front of Chiho. That is a bad idea. What ensued was a literal shake down that ended when something that surprised even me. The rice compartment of the lunchbox had a heart in it. Chiho was not happy about that. On the other end, Emi was confronted by an odd assailant. The masked individual wielded a scythe, had the ability to drain holy energy, and could shoot a purple beam from their eye. The surprising action just won’t stop coming back.

I am fine with a sandwich for lunch.

I am fine with a sandwich for lunch.












Current Opinion of the Show:

I think things are getting pretty interesting in this show. I guess that Suzuno’s strategy for taking down Maou is going to be gaining his trust and then striking while his guard is completely down. That could go one of two ways. The least likely one is that she will strike, but Emi will help stop this second attack on Maou which will strengthen that obvious romance that is going on between the Hero and that Demon. The other, and more likely course of action, is that Suzuno will slowly fall in love with Maou and things will get really awkward between the three girls very quickly. On second thought, I don’t know which one is more likely, but I think that the first one would be bad because it would feel like they were recycling the concept that they used when Lucifer attacked them. I actually want Suzuno to get adjusted to human life like everyone else because I think that her character is very interesting. On the other end, I guess that the person who attacked Emi is probably related to Suzuno. I can’t really say for sure with anything because I am not sure where they plan on taking this story. I just wonder how seriously Chiho and Emi plan on taking Suzuno as a romantic interest for Maou at this stage. Suzuno obviously though Emi was referring to assassination before when she mentioned being in lots of battles. I guess seeing Chiho on the offensive is something to look forward to.

9 responses to “Impression – Hataraku Maou-sama!, Episode 07

  1. I just finished watching the new episode and couldn’t stop laughing xD
    But I honestly didn’t realize that Suzuno was the messenger from before. When I watched the previous one, I assumed that it was probably her and then forgot about the thought.

    Chiho was absolutely hilarious in this episode, especially her little Tsundere-like transition xD I was so pumped during Emi’s minor fight. So I’m guessing the Church made the decision to assassinate her. I really love this anime. And I think there is a possibility too that Suzuno might fall for Maou. So I think Chiho will be the only one really worried about this possible development.

    I like that bento box :o much better than the one Maou got xD the heart looks as if it’s made out of cheese ♥o♥

    • I haven’t watched a series with writing this solid in quite a while. I don’t remember the last time that I have seen a series function this well as a romantic comedy while sustaining a serious plot line in the background. Things just seem to never disappoint. I am way too excited to see what Chiho does in response to that bento because she can’t back down now. I could see Emi being the person that is torn between helping two people as she still misunderstands what Suzuno is telling her.

      • That’s what I love about Hatarku, everything about it is so solid and sometimes it’s hard to make that perfect balance. It’s just too good, and I guess that makes me blind to probable flaws xD Not that I want to find any in Hataraku.
        Haha, I feel Chiho’s going to up the ante in her efforts to win Maou – with the help of Emi of course.
        *nods* I can see that happening too. I just can’t wait for that moment when Emi realizes her feelings for Maou. And even if that doesn’t happen, I’ll go down with that ship ;_;

        • That is the problem. Even though we are seven episodes in, I am still not completely sure what to ship. I am usually pretty good at latching onto something, and I think I like Maou with Emi, but Chiho keeps making the decision very tough. I don’t even know enough about Suzuno to make the right call because coming in late doesn’t mean you can’t be a good contender. This anime has too many good characters.

          • Exactly, it makes it hard, and even if Maou does make a choice; we’ll probably be like “nooooo, you should have picker her.” I just love the plot twists and I’m so anxious to see how everything plays out.
            It reminds me of Oregairu, somewhat. Are you watching that one?

            • I am behind on that one. It is on a list of three things that I need to catch up on right now. Try to convince me to get on that. I need some motivation to marathon that right now.

              • What’re the other two?
                Hmm >.>…it’s something like Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai :D well that’s what I used as my motivation, because I had a void when season 2 ended and Oregairu filled it.
                *sprinkles motivation* go marathon it right nooow! I want to know your thoughts on it :)

                • OMG… I love Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai. The second season had so much great character development. The other two are Karneval and Photokano. I am now convinced enough to go catch up in Oregairu.

                  • \^-^/ yaaaay! Yeess it really did. I’m really hoping for a next season ;_; or if not, I’ll make do with the light novel.
                    I haven’t started Photokano yet but I plan to check it out.

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