Impression – Hataraku Maou-sama!, Episode 08

hataraku maou-sama!








Before we start things, I would like to apologize for the quality of this article. I am working with less time than I need and I wrote this while I was in a Skype call with some friends. This series needs to stop killing me. I don’t think that I have laughed this hard and this consistently in a really long time. An anime sure as hell has never been this funny for me. Basically three things actually happened in this episode and one of those was barely touched on. The battle with Sentucky Fried Chicken is heating up because MgRonald’s can’t keep up. The manager of SFC looks like a short version of James from Pok√©mon and he has the hots for Chiho. That won’t work out for him and Ashiya has been called in to spy on the competition. I can’t wait to see more of that.

I didn't think that she would say this already.

I didn’t think that she would say this already.

This was the big surprise of the episode. I do enjoy it when the confessions aren’t just part of the endgame, but this came out of nowhere in my opinion. I guess that Chiho has to be on the offensive when she sees threats everywhere. The interesting thing is that Emi has told her about the things that Maou has done in his world. I assume that she may know about the conquest of the world and that has me confused. I don’t understand how she can still love him. What does she expect from this possible relationship? She could live out her days with an alien being that s the king of McDonald’s or she could be taken to a world at war. Maybe I am looking into this a bit too much, but this is just what is on my mind. My favorite part may be the parental approval that she has.

Oh, so you found someone you want to cook for already? – Chiho’s Dad

I bet he doesn’t know about the demon lord thing.

Everyone is confused.

Everyone is confused.

This was the important part. Suzuno is the head of interrogation for the church and she has come to Japan in order to kill Maou and see if Emi has defected to the dark side. Well, things finally got cleared up after a screaming match at the train station, but Emi doesn’t seem to trust her yet. I wouldn’t either if a member of the church tried to kill me. Unless there is more deceit afoot, then the church has decided to demonize Olba, kill Maou, and invite Emi back if she is still on the right side. Well, everyone else still thinks that Suzuno loves Maou and that coworker from the call center thinks that Emi has the hots for him as well. Oh yeah, they revealed that Suzuno studied historical dramas before coming to Japan. That explains a lot. I love her character so much.

We have come a long way.

We have come a long way.









Current Opinion of the Show:

Damn, that was funny. I am really interested in how Suzuno’s character is going to function moving forward. Will Emi feel bad and tip-off Maou about the impending threat? Will Suzuno slowly fall in love with Maou? Will Maou realize the threat that is cooking for him? Of course not. That last one can’t happen. However, I could see the other two going down. This is a romantic comedy and Maou is the protagonist. The only issue with all of this is the fact that I continue to have no idea where they plan on taking the plot for this series. There is a story that is fairly developed, but I just can’t see the next big event on the horizon. I guess that leaves me with a few questions regarding the series as a whole. How will Maou respond to Chiho’s confession? I don’t know if I can see that going well for the human girl. Will Emi fall for Maou? Regardless of whether or not that happens, I need to have her anger towards Maou regarding the pointless taking of human lives brought up again. How does Miki T know about Ente Isla? Bryan thinks that she is an angel I think that would be great. Most importantly, I am looking forward to seeing the confrontation at McDonald’s.

More humans are getting involved.

More humans are getting involved.

4 responses to “Impression – Hataraku Maou-sama!, Episode 08

  1. It probably won’t happen, but I kind of hope Suzuno’s character does a complete 180 as a result of reading those magazines/watching TV/whatever, and suddenly starts acting like a super fashionable Japanese teenager or something. XD

    • I love the idea of Suzuno taking a complete 180 after being introduced to modern culture. Regardless, Suzuno is an awesome character.

  2. ” the church has decided to demonize Olba”
    I think the church is not doing that, Olba betray the church right after the batte at ep1 and report that emi and maou died at the battle while Albert & Emeralda got captured.
    After finding out the truth, the church decided to hide the part about olba.
    You could see that around 15:20 – 15:22 min of Episode 8.

    • Thanks for pointing that out. I should really pay more attention when I am watching things.

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