Impression – Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge, Episode 09

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This was a pretty interesting episode. Let’s say that there were quite a few major things that happened this week. Some people lived, some people died, and we got more of that overly sexual stuff that we all missed. Not really. I could always do with less of that. Oh well, let’s get to it.

I did not have money on Seigi dying.

I did not have money on Seigi dying.

I am pretty upset about Seigi being taken out for a few reasons. The first is the way in which he was killed. The guy was attacked by the head of Gossip while he was in the middle of another fight. Cheap shots make for a crappy way to take someone out. The second is the fact that Seigi is a good character. The guy was becoming that rival character that was supposed to stick around for a while. I know that Kiri needs plot armor, but don’t have someone shoot Seigi in the middle of the fight. Oh well, there is nothing I can do about it. The little speech that Kozakura gave was actually pretty nice. It was that classic emotional ride that went from joking to sincere emotion which I feel is a very natural way to react to someone’s death.

A new type of opponent has entered the fray.

A new type of opponent has entered the fray.

Well, Kiri is alive. If you didn’t know that, then you didn’t watch last week’s preview. Unfortunately, what Kiri woke up to was a dying Seigi and possibly the most dangerous person in the world. The Witch is the head of Gossip. The Witch is decided at birth because they are of a royal bloodline. If you were watching the play, then you know that the first Witch was the person that killed the first Hair Queen. Seigi said that she was using her protege authors to kill him, so I guess that she is not an author herself. That brings up an interesting point. We still don’t know how many authors exist. She is the new threat, but things weren’t all serious. All of this commotion made Kiri and Iwai basically admit their feelings for each other which resulted in a very passionate scene. That passion kind of left the building when Kiri didn’t kiss Iwai on the lips. They are still middle schoolers I guess. Fucking weird middle schoolers that is.

I didn't think that we would have to wait this long to see another person actually die.

I didn’t think that we would have to wait this long to see another person actually die.










Current Opinion of the Show:

Criticism aside, I think that they are going in a pretty interesting direction. We hadn’t seen anyone die in a very long time. Heck, we didn’t see that guy with the hammer die, so we have basically been free of death in the murder game for eight episodes. That seems pretty odd to me. Hopefully, encountering Lord Violet Witch will start something fairly big. She has a bunch of protege authors at her disposal and I need to see more actual fighting. On that note, I don’t see Kiri getting through this alone. I could easily see Yamane fighting with him, but that all hinges on whether or not the writers decide to keep the action coming.

Stop it.

Stop it.

I am going to be honest with you. This was not nearly as bad as most of the other sexually charged scenes in the series. Why is that? Well, they avoided the crazy saliva that plagued the early scenes. Next, this scene just felt very natural. Passion felt for one another throughout a chaotic evening that culminated in this act. Even the end where Kiri stopped himself seemed right. Some people may call him a bitch, but I see it as a guy that lost himself during a very emotional time finding his composure and stopping himself. Who wants their first kiss, and possibly more, to happen in some strange hotel with a bunch of freaks, the police, and a dead body in the area? Everything just seemed naturally awkward at the end. I do have a problem with the fact that this is happening between middle schoolers, but you can’t really help that in anime. I am just looking forward to what is hopefully going to be more action. Although, the preview kind of scares me.

I am going to miss Seigi.

I am going to miss Seigi.

3 responses to “Impression – Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge, Episode 09

  1. I’m upset that they killed Seigi, now I don’t even feel as if I should watch this episode. The pianist has even disappeared from the plot it seems; I’m not too sure why they discarded her. It seems they just threw her in there for an episode’s sake of content then trashed her.
    The romance between Kiri and Iwai just isn’t clicking for me though, but they’re middle schoolers so I guess it’s supposed to be generic. But it still feels awkward and stupid to me.
    It’s a little ironic that the Witch isn’t an author xD I thought she’d have some mega-ultra killing good in her possession.

    • Seigi dying is really killing it for me also because I think that the show really needed him. On the romance, I am not a fan of it either, but I felt like the physical stuff that happened in this episode felt natural. It didn’t make me like the romance, but it was the most well-written part of their relationship in my opinion. When it comes to the Witch, they could still make her an Author I think, although it is unlikely. I assumed that she wasn’t because she wouldn’t need to send protege authors after a wounded man if she herself had a killing good. I think that the story could have been good had they not waited this long to get the wheels turning.

      • Exactly and he hardly got to do as much as his character promised. Maybe she’ll end up being an author just for the element of surprise. I share that view 100% they wasted too much time.

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