Fun Stuff: Which Anime Archetype is Your Favorite?


Just about every single anime character’s personality can fall into one of these categories, and sometimes we even get lucky enough to have a girl whose embodies multiple archetypes at the same time. Hooray for complex characters! Although this list uses female examples for each archetype, most of them can work for male characters as well, so no need to fret ladies and gents. If you’ve seen this list, then you’ll be familiar with my preference towards reverse traps, which doesn’t actually appear in this particular list. However, they typically fall into “bokukko” and “bifauxnen” which are two interesting terms that I actually never heard about until today.

So, enjoy this list and tell me what character archetypes are your favorites! I also think it’s hilarious that Ui is the example for “Ane” when she’s Yui’s little sister.

 tumblr_mi0cykWnSH1qb9ia7o2_400tumblr_mi0cykWnSH1qb9ia7o3_400  tumblr_mi0cykWnSH1qb9ia7o5_400tumblr_mi0cykWnSH1qb9ia7o4_400tumblr_mi0cykWnSH1qb9ia7o6_400tumblr_mi0cykWnSH1qb9ia7o7_400

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