News – Scorpion to Join the Injustice Roster and Other DLC, 6/3/13

I said to stay away from Batman characters, but you didn’t have to leave the DC Universe to get them. Let’s start with the good stuff though. I like Scorpion’s character design. It really fits the Injustice style and his fighting style looked very good. From a personal standpoint, Scorpion is my favorite Mortal Kombat character. If it had to be anyone, I am glad it is him. We knew that NetherRealm Studios was in charge and I assumed that they were going to promote their big franchise at some point.

No fatalities here.

No fatalities here.

This can go one of two ways. The first is a fun start to getting Mortal Kombat fans into the game. I don’t want to put tons of Mortal Kombat characters into the game, but this is starting to feel like what Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe should have been. Onto the bad. I think that a lot of DC fans are going to be upset with this. With only four guaranteed DLC characters and cries for hundreds of characters, blowing one on a character that isn’t even a part of DC probably won’t go over too well. Why does Scorpion get to come in before Brainiac? Will there be any story significance for Scorpion in Injustice? Will they use the multiple universes in DC as an excuse for bringing him in? Questions that fans want answered.

I need this to be more than a teaser.

I need this to be more than a teaser.

The last thing that we saw in the Scorpion reveal trailer was a teaser for Martian Manhunter. It looked like he was coming out of his place in the background of the Watchtower. If you want to read into it, then you could say it was him stepping onto the main stage. Why should this have fans going crazy? If anyone got to be the final guaranteed DLC character, Martian Manhunter certainly deserved the honor. The guy is an iconic and extremely strong member of the Justice League that was wasted as a background character for far too long in this game. I like Scorpion as a Mortal Kombat character, but this teaser makes me no longer care about him. All I care about is getting this man into the game. If you assume that Martian Manhunter is getting the nod, then I would say that he is the best choice of the four characters that come with the season pass. I just hope that they don’t stop here.

I don't know about getting three Joker skins.

I don’t know about getting three Joker skins.












When Batgirl came out, they brought some skins with her. I don’t know about giving the Joker three skins in one pack, but I love the Tourist and Red Hood Jokers. The pack costs $2.99 and is not included in the season pass. They are doing a pretty good job with the skin releases, but I do hope that there is more character variety next time. It looks like we are getting the Blackest Night Superman and I would like to see some more choices from that series. Blackest Night and Brightest Day are pretty damn good in my opinion. We also got the Peña Dura skin for Bane with the Season Pass after you buy Batgirl. That is a fun skin, but I could do without it. I am still waiting on that Owlman Batman skin.

I would have preferred the Dark Knight Rises Bane.

I would have preferred the Dark Knight Rises Bane.

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