Impression – Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai., Episode 11


Episode 11 – “Little Sisters Can’t Barge in on Their Brother Who Lives Alone”

While it’s nice to see Kirino and Kyousuke acting like actual siblings for once in their lives (barring the sexual tension, I suppose), their behavior is enough to tip off their parents that something is amiss. To remedy the problem, Kyousuke is exiled to his own apartment. That actually sounds like a reward rather than a punishment to me, though. He even has working internet, which is still more than I can say for myself right now. Even though the whole of him living alone is to increase his study productivity, I’m pretty sure living alone just lowers everything.

Kirino also promises to do anything Kyousuke wants if he gets an A. Uh huh…I can only imagine the possibilities. As you remember from last season, Kirino was the one who moved out. Now, it’s Kyousuke who’s gone and now Kirino misses him. At least she doesn’t have to fly across and ocean to see him.


Kyousuke gets some interesting visitors at his new apartment, too. Kanako confronts him about an imouto eroge that Kirino left behind. Seriously, those things need to be locked up in a vault or something. Under the bed just doesn’t cut it anymore in this day and age. Ayase also has a strange sense for makes a good housewarming present.

However, the confrontation between her and Kuroneko was amazing. I’m not easily enthralled by your typical love comedy scenarios, but the parties involved in this particular altercation make it hilarious. We even have Kuroneko fighting for the position of Kirino’s closest friend (she’s some a long way). Even though Ayase has known her longer, Kuroneko has more shared interests. She would also let her have sex with Kyousuke if she wanted. That sounds like a pretty good friend to me.


I’m loving all of the Ayase screen time we’ve been getting lately, and next episode’s title is suggesting that we’re gonna get more! Also, I’m not sure what’s more unsettling, the fact that Ayase has a fan blog page or Kyousuke actually looked it up.


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