Impression – Senyuu., Episode 03









So the laughs just keep coming in this odd little anime. We pick up at the end of last week’s episode when the Demon King revealed herself. The Hero runs after her, but accidentally rips off her robe. I thought it was just a joke at first, but the hero does go to jail for that. Hilarious stuff is hilarious. The demon king and the soldier bust him out of jail even though the demon king had him sent there for harassment. The demon king has the ability to rip holes in the dimension in order to move about more freely which Ross used to rob banks for justice. Turns out the demon king accidentally let out all of the demons by making popcorn in a demon summoning pot and is on a quest to seal them all. Ross and Aruba are now going to join her in an attempt to stop the demon outbreak. If this was a full length series I would be questioning whether or not they are trying to be serious. However, this series has four and a half-minute long episodes which means comedy is really all they have time for. Not complaining because the humor is quite nice and I am enjoying every episode.

Do not undress little girl's.

Do not undress little girl’s.










Current Opinion of the Show:

I am loving this series. Senyuu. is my comic relief on Tuesdays and the duration of the episodes make it so that I almost always have time to watch it. People who are looking for some comic relief can’t go wrong when watching this series. Now that the group is larger, I am hoping for some interesting interactions between the demon king and our guys. I look forward to seeing the other hero that has been spying on our group.

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