Impression – Karneval, Episode 12


Score 12 – “Niji’s Promise”

Wow, I kind of wish all of the episodes were as action packed as this one. Circus has so many cool characters, and I really wanted to see all of them in action. It’s the second to last episode, and I feel like we only just scratched the surface with their potential. The two that get the most action this week are Iva and Tsukumo. We see Iva’s neat stoner powers again, as well as Tsukumo’s star power (quite literally too). Can never have too much Tsukumo, after all.

It’s also hilarious when they tell Uro that were holding back the entire time. I’m not sure if they were telling the truth or just saving face, but it’s still funny. Oh! And I really like everyone’s super-serious and super-snazzy combat uniforms, too.


The Gareki/Yogi ship rolls along this episode, as Gareki continues to contemplate leaving Circus for good. I, like Yogi, don’t really see much practical reason for leaving Circus. As Yogi says, there are plenty of things that Gareki could do aboard the ship. Gareki really is the Batman among the group, not needing superpowers to prove his usefulness. That and being orphan too, but I get the feeling that the other Ship members have similar pasts.

The twist during the scene with Azana and Akari was unexpected and unsettling. Azana’s such a happy guy, and you wouldn’t expect such dark things to be going on in his head. But it does make you think, that no one really ever considers themselves bad guys (well, most of the time). “Bad guys” tend to do what they do because they have a different, and often twisted by most standards, sense of moral justice that they feel they need to implement. Of course, not every story is the same, but everyone is driven by what they want or what they think is right, antagonists included.


Like Nai, I was sad when one of the Mr. Sheep got “killed.” I suppose Jiki’s right and that it’s only a robot. I certainly wouldn’t be able to tell the difference from one to another, but Nai can. Does that mean the sheep possess a greater value of “life” in Nai’s eyes than another person? Most probably. Next week, a stunning finale! Or maybe a cliffhanger hinting towards a second season…


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