Top Picks – My Top 5 Favorite Characters From ‘Fire Emblem 7’

So I caved in and bought Fire Emblem Awakening the other day (hooray for Amazon sales!). While playing it, my inner Fire Emblem spirit was rekindled, and it got me thinking about some of my favorite characters from my favorite Fire Emblem game (so far), Fire Emblem 7. It was pretty hard to choose just 5 characters because they’re all just so cool, but then again what person who makes a top list doesn’t say that?

Much of this list is based off of character design, as well as personality and unit traits. How could I resist? Everyone in the game is so beautiful! I actually wanted to make a favorite Fire Emblem characters of all time, but I probably shouldn’t do that until I at least finish Awakening. Maybe I should do a collab post for that…

raven5. Raven (Mercenary)

At number 5, we have the slightly lovable Cloud wannabe, Raven. Likewise, he gets treated as an emo, but people are just jealous of his brooding charms. As the game’s only playable Mercenary/Hero, he has no trouble fighting for sake of Eliwood, Lucius, and his sister. I love the Hero design in FE7, and it definitely ranks in my top favorite classes of all time (hey, another idea for a top picks list!). Watching Raven flip around the battle screen with his giant sword and shield never gets old.

nino24. Nino (Mage)

Nino is the youngest playable character in the game, at the age of 14, though most of these characters don’t look much older than that half the time. Anyway, she’s this game’s “Est,” which is the traditional late-game character who starts at a low level but has the potential for crazy stat gains. If you put the trouble into leveling her up, she becomes crazy good, but I wouldn’t say she’s all that much better than either Erk or Pent. Still, it adds some challenge late in the game, and the results can be satisfying. Watching as Nino goes from a helpless Mage to an ass-burning Sage is quite rewarding.

farina23. Farina (Pegasus Knight)

We have a Cloud doppelganger on the list, and now we have a Yuffie copycat too. I really like Pegasus Knights because of their high mobility and resistance against magic, and Farina happens to be the best (arguably) in the game. She’s the middle child of the traditional 3 Pegasus Sisters, and she’s only available through Hector’s story. On top of that, you have to pay her 20000 gold for her to join you! She’s a good unit, and that self-confidence is what drives up those prices. At least she won’t steal your Materia from you when you aren’t looking!

matthew2. Matthew (Thief)

Ah, the sneaky Thief in the game. Despite their weak offensive capabilities, I find thieves to be a really cool class. I use Matthew a lot to just steal things from enemies. Sometimes, I boost his strength and then promote him to an Assassin, in which he then proceeds to kick much ass. I like to pair him up a lot with Guy, because it just seems right and cause their dialogue together is so funny. Matthew’s loyalty as a secret spy for Hector, as well as his smartassery towards him, are what make him such a lovable character.

canas21. Canas (Shaman)

The monocle says it all, I think. The only playable dark magic user in the game, and a pretty freaking good one at that. I’m not sure if Canas is my favorite character because my favorite magic is dark, or if dark magic is my favorite because I like Canas. It’s a weird chicken/egg scenario. I love the Flux animation, weird sounds and all, and Canas totally wrecks face with a Luna tome. After a certain point, he just kills everything in a single bout. He may be a little too into books, and his support with the musclehead Bartre, where he tries to eat his book, is one of the funniest of all time.

Who are your favorite characters from this game?


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