Impression – Mushibugyou, Episode 13









We are at the halfway point in Mushibugyou, so they decided to give us a recap episode. This is one of those series that airs for two straight seasons, so we will be getting thirteen more episodes. We didn’t get any new information regarding the story or characters this time around, so I will give you the fan service shots before we get started. I did avoid the most provocative shots because I am not going to give you guys porn.

She is quite the looker.

She is quite the looker.

You have seen enough of her breasts by now.

You have seen enough of her breasts by now.

I was surprised that they put her in a bathtub.

I was surprised that they put her in a bathtub.

The way that they went about giving us a recap is fairly common in anime. Hibachi and Oharu get interviewed by a journalist. Where is the best place to conduct an interview? In the local bathhouse of course. Let’s forget that your notepad can get wet and that people may not want to talk to you while they are naked. I guess this was meant to give the fans even more stuff to drool over. For some reason, the journalist is very interested in Jinbei. I say that, but he is the main character. It is just that other people should be more important in the world that they live in. It was fairly obvious that Oharu and Hibachi would get some special shots in this episode, but it was the Mushibugyou that surprised me. She can’t go out, so a portion of the episode was spent on the Mushibugyou thinking about her time with Jinbei on Hachijo Island. Oh yeah, and this happened while she was in her private bathtub. I assume that this all takes place during Jinbei’s training session. That is honestly it.

I don't know if we will ever see her again.

I don’t know if we will ever see her again.









Current Opinion of the Show:

This series is very exciting. Not this episode, but the series as a whole. Since I am talking about my opinion regarding the end of every other series that I covered, I think that I should be giving this a midway wrap up. This is a very nice series. I wouldn’t say that it is the kind of anime that is one of my top ten, but it is definitely entertaining. I really enjoy things that are set in old school Japan and we haven’t really gotten a quality series like this in a while. I find most of the characters to be very interesting and I like the mystery surrounding everything a lot. That is a really big deal to me. Even though we should be receiving some answers coming up, I love the fact that we have this tension. We know that crazy things are happening, but we know almost nothing about the origin of the crazy powers in this world. The Mushibugyou is connected to crazy bug people, the Insect Hunters are not normal humans, and Kotori is ridiculously strong. We have not seen him fight, but we basically know that he is a monster. The fact that we are going to be getting answers moving forward has me really excited. I really only dislike two aspects of the series. The first is the attack names that people yell out. They are pretty stupid and it gets annoying. The other is the fan service. Oharu can’t show up without being provocative in some way. Overall, this series is a fun watch and I am glad that we are getting more right away. Look forward to a big fight in the next episode.

Old school pornography.

Old school pornography.

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