Impression – Senki Zesshou Symphogear G, Episode 02

Senk Zesshou Symphogear G








Well, the second episode brought us some pretty predictable stuff. I don’t think that I have any warnings regarding graphic material, but there is some cringe worthy stuff. I will never fully enjoy this series if they continue to have some of the dumbest lines out there.

The new girls have arrived.

The new girls have arrived.

The Finé have decided to demand control of the entire world. That is the goal of most crazy people out there and I like the way that the show handled it. The commander said that they may not be biting off more than they can chew. They do control at least three symphogear users and the noise. Tsubasa did not have to reveal her identity because the manager cut off the broadcast. That means the girls got to fight it out. Here are some interesting things that happened as far as the fighting is concerned. Tsubasa was doing pretty well against the new Gungnir with only twenty-two percent of her total strength. Given, her opponent did not use her armed gear during the fight. The other enemy symphogear users appear to be much younger than everyone else. Also, everyone gets a tragic backstory apparently. Watch out for some of those in the near future I am guessing. Then there is the fact that swan songs definitely don’t spell death anymore. We kind of learned that in the final arc of the first season, but now they got even more liberal with the crazy powers. The three girls can channel their swan song powers into Hibiki in order to unleash crazy combination attacks. Well, even the enemy acknowledges that they are up against some strong people. Also, I hope you like fighting, because this season will probably see more action than the last one.

Quite the special guest.

Quite the special guest.








Current Opinion of the Show:

I am always so close to saying that I enjoy this series. They will do great things like introducing ridiculous action scenes. I don’t know about you guys, but I think that the over-the-top fighting that we get from this series is fun to watch. Then you have the oddly realistic stuff like the fact that these bad guys could easily take over the world. There is almost no one out there that can fight the noise and three of those people are on the wrong side of this equation. Then there is the stuff that irritates me. Hibiki’s armed gear is the power of holding hands. Do you need to go there? Can’t you say something about augmenting power? I can’t be the only person that is bothered by some of these lines. I don’t like the fact that Hibiki tries to reason with everyone, but that is basically unavoidable. Not wanting to hurt or kill people is something that always happens in anime and I am tired of it. Fight the damn bad guys. If it wasn’t for plot armor, then all of these protagonists would be dead.

Like I said, there will be tragic backstories.

Like I said, there will be tragic backstories.

I am a little mixed on whether or not I want to hear about Hibiki’s tragic past. On one hand, this series isn’t afraid to tackle dark stuff. I have seen tons of people die over the past fifteen episodes. On the other hand, I don’t trust the writers to keep me from cringing during this one. Back on the dying thing. I really respect the fact that this series addresses the fact that the army can’t fight the noise and people die as a result of it. What bothers me is the enemy’s reluctance to kill people. I know that it was originally meant to show that the Finé have dominance over the noise, but things changed in this episode. Maria does not want to kill people, so I bet that she will change sides pretty easily. That is kind of the way that things work around here. Oh well, I think that this has the potential to be better than the first season, but I can’t say that it will be great just yet. I am hoping for more fighting and I think that my wish will be granted.

Something just happened.

Something just happened.



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