Impression – Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi, Episode 02









This series is surprising me in very interesting ways. Not only is the concept behind the story unique, but it raises a lot of questions that really make me think. I don’t know about you guys, but an intellectual experience is something that I look for in a series. Well, let’s get down to what actually happened.

That has been sorted out.

That has been sorted out.

Things picked up right where we left off in the last episode. The Gravekeeper showed up and Humpnie began to speak with her. The conversation was odd, but it was made that way in order to prove a point. Gravekeepers do not have emotions, but they are good-natured. Here is the funny part. Aside from the whole putting people to rest thing, Gravekeepers are also search engines. Yes, they keep mental records of everything that they encounter and they are able to regurgitate the information like they are Google or something. It is the duty of the Gravekeepers to silence the dead and aid the living. The odd thing is the fact that the bodies that Ai buried were put to rest. Not only that, but the Gravekeeper stated that Ai is in fact a Gravekeeper. That was nice, but Ai is still alone in this world and people keep pointing guns at her face. Humpnie was stopped from killing the little girl by an armed man named Julie. He was Humpnie’s best friend before the white-haired devil killed the man’s wife. She was already dead, but Humpnie stopped her from continuing life as a zombie. Obviously, Julie wants revenge, but Humpnie has no time for that. Although, he does have time to take Ai on a journey with him. Oh yeah, and Humpnie is immortal.

That is interesting.

That is interesting.








Current Opinion of the Show:

I love the fact that this series asks some very tough questions. Let’s go over one of them. Are we sure that God did not simply grant humanity’s wish? People fear death, so no longer being able to die should be a good thing. However, that could be short-sighted. What do you do with all of this time? You have to support yourself forever and that is a lot of work. In this anime, you never truly get to rest. Your body and mind rots, but you cannot die. That sounds awful. The idea that this was the granting of a wish is similar to something that I experienced while reading a book called The Amber Spyglass. It is the third book in a series that starts with The Golden Compass. The characters traveled to an alternate dimension where people lived in world with nothing. It was an empty world, but people did not grow old, get hungry, or feel pain. The question was whether or not that was heaven. A world where you would not die seems nice, but we get bored in our normal lives. The situation is not exactly the same, but that popped into my head while I was watching this. I am a firm believer that people live too long with this current level of medical technology. I do not want to live to the point where I can no longer take care of myself.

This is interesting.

This is interesting.

I am very intrigued by what is going on in this series. It seems as though the world had access to technology around what we have today before God left them. Corruption has hit pretty hard and the new laws of nature probably caused the deterioration of society. People riot and force revolutions when the government is corrupt. Imagine what would happen if people no longer died and, because God no longer exists, you cannot be punished for your sins. That sounds like a scary world to me. For the people who think things would be held together by those that do not live their lives by the will of God, imagine the mindfuck that would occur if God was proved to be real like that. Then you have the fact that God leaving was not some big event like it is in the stories. One day, the laws of nature simply changed. That is pretty rough and I don’t know how I would be able to handle it. Without the Gravekeepers in the initial stage, you couldn’t escape life through death. Also, it was confirmed that people could no longer give birth once God left. Humpnie was confused, but in a Christian world, God leaving means that humans can no longer be given souls. Birth not occurring makes sense. When it comes to the characters, our two main people are interesting. Humpnie is immortal for reasons that we do not know. They may or may not have hinted at the fact that he is connected to God’s departure from the world. Also, Ai may or may not be the child of a Gravekeeper and a human. It would explain her powers, the fact that she is technically too young to exist at age twelve, and the fact that her village was targeted for hoarding secrets. I can’t explain how much I am enjoying this series and I can’t wait for more. I expect dark things because of the corruption in the world and the fact that there may or may not be giant groups of zombies everywhere.

That is the oddest part of the series in my opinion.

That is the oddest part of the series in my opinion.


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