Impression – RDG: Red Data Girl, Episode 12

Red Data Girl - 12 - Large 37|The World Heritage Girl|

We’ve finally reached the conclusion to Red Data Girl. Do all of the plot threads get resolved?

More or less. The problem with this series from the beginning was that it introduced way too many subplots and concepts that either go completely unexplained or are only partially resolved. It makes watching the series a little frustrating at times as you try to piece together all of the information that you’re given.

Red Data Girl - 12 - Large 01Take for example Izumiko’s power to destroy electronics. It hasn’t been brought up since the beginning of the series, and the last time it was actually featured in an episode was back in episode 02. Yet now it looks like her powers make a brief reappearance, shutting down all electronic devices on the campus when her powers awaken. It’s not a significant development, other than the fact that it is a mild inconvenience to our main characters. I was hoping that her powers would have some impact on the overall plot or have some relevance to the Goddess, but this is the last time it’s brought up within the show.

Was anyone really expecting Miyuki to take up Mayura’s offer to pose as her fiance? It was practically a given that he wouldn’t do something like that, as it would’ve been extremely out of character for him. He even says outright that the outcome of doing such a thing would only hurt those around them rather than benefit her in any way. Reading in between the lines, Miyuki genuinely cares about Izumiko’s feelings and doesn’t want her to suffer over a lie like that.

Red Data Girl - 12 - Large 06Izumiko meanwhile has isolated herself in another realm. Her outburst made her realize that she is in fact the Goddess and is terrified of the powers she holds (that’s a bit unexpected). For the sake of everyone she cares about, she resolves to stay in that realm forever and never return. Masumi, who is now revealed to be in love with her, wants to grant that wish and tries to ease her mind about never returning.

Red Data Girl - 12 - Large 13So it’s up to Miyuki to save Izumiko, and we finally get to see him in action. Venturing into Izumiko’s realm with Takayanagi (who is now in dog form thanks to Izumiko), he is forced to face off against hordes of undead spirits to reach her. Even Wamiya accompanies him in his crow form to try and guide him to her. A teenaged monk, a talking dog, and a talking crow…what a sight.

Red Data Girl - 12 - Large 30With Wamiya’s help, he does make it to Izumiko. It’s a surprisingly touching scene that receives a touch of beauty thanks to P.A. Works animation. In what is as close to a love confession as we’ll get between these two, Miyuki tells a tearful Izumiko that he’ll stay by her side, and that she just needs to say that she needs him. It’s a really sweet moment and shows just how far their relationship to each other has come. With the experiment a success and both Takayanagi and Mayura accepting defeat, Izumiko is declared the World Heritage Candidate.

vlcsnap-2013-07-17-18h15m25s39I’ve had a lot of mixed feelings with this series. P.A. Works did a great job with the animation and overall quality. However, the show did suffer in the writing, especially when it came time to bring together all of the subplots. Regardless, I did find enjoyment with this series. While not the supernatural or action story I was expecting, it was a good coming-of-age story of a girl framed within a supernatural setting.

For my full thoughts on the series, check out my review!

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