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I have a quick warning for anyone that has an issue with cursing. I will be getting a little vulgar in this article. Why is that? I think that it will help to emphasize some of the things that I have to say about this episode. I normally avoid using that language because it isn’t really necessary in my writing. However, it is not because I am against cursing. You should hear me talk.

That is pretty impressive.

That is pretty impressive.

The gang has decided to go on a journey. They secured a Volkswagon van which is good because a car is an essential piece of any post apocalyptic journey. Apparently, Scar is also going to be a part of the group. The reasoning behind it eludes me based on everything that we know about gravekeepers, but this is still an anime. Apparently, everyone in the car is an idiot because they did not check to see if there was anyone inside before they started driving. A young man names Kiriko was drugged and left in the back seat of the van. The guy needs to go to Ortus, so they head there. Yuri wants to avoid entering the city even though they need to fix the van. Why is that? Ortus is a city that holds more than one million dead people. Dead people who wish to continue living flock to this walled in community and any gravekeepers that are drawn to the sensation of dead people are quickly killed and buried outside with their shovels as a warning to others. Not everyone wishes to be put to rest. The gang gets a room at an inn and is waiting for the car to be fixed. They were originally going to stay in an area that is designated for living people, but Ai is a fucking idiot that demanded they see the city. Yuri told Ai and Scar to stay in the room, but there is no way Ai would listen. Even though the city is beautiful, someone warns Ai of the darkness that lurks in the area. That makes sense because there are a lot of odd things going on in this town. Scar is sick even though she is a gravekeeper, there is a goddess of death that is revered in the land, and we all know that the world has become a horrible place since God left. What is going to happen next?

This is how people die.

This is how people die.








Current Opinion of the Show:

I think that I am enjoying things. I only say that because this new arc has only just begun. I really like the concept of a city of the dead, but I will get to that later. First, I must talk about how children and almost anyone in a horror movie is a fucking idiot. Do you know what you should do when someone tells you that it is too dangerous to go somewhere? You don’t go to that place. “Do you see those graves? They will make one for you if any of those people find out who you are.” That sounds like a damn good warning to me. My only response would be: “Why are we so damn close to this fucking place? DRIVE MOTHER FUCKER!!!” Ai on the other hand, is a fucking idiot. “Even so, I want to see this country.” That is right, Ai wants to be locked inside of a walled in city full of over one million people who want to kill her. Let’s not even mention the fact that this is a post apocalyptic society with a lot of corruption going on. She could be raped, tortured, or killed easily. Who would protect an outsider? One guy with a rifle and a gravekeeper that is the target of the city’s hatred? It sounds like Ai deserves to die. This is why children and na├»ve anime protagonists are fucking idiots.

I won't even begin to question this.

I won’t even begin to question this.

Something that truly intrigues me is the thing that I brought up in the last article. Ai’s mother wanted to make a place where the dead could live happily. Ortus is a country where the dead can live without worrying about true death. You live on forever. If you could live in a place where death was non-existent, would you call that place heaven? Death is a very scary thing in this world because we don’t know what happens to your soul when a gravekeeper puts you to rest. God abandoned the world, so would you rot away into nothing? Why do that when you can avoid death? I hope that this arc at least mentions this topic. Something else that interests me is the odd lifeforms in this world. Gravekeepers are interesting because they have a lot of abilities. Super strength, encyclopedic knowledge, and the ability to put souls to rest are the things that we know of. They also lack the ability to go against humanity and their mannerisms are fairly distinct. I wonder if something odd happened to Ai’s mother because I assume that romance with a human is not something that they normally are a part of. I am about to start talking about something that will probably never come up, but is in my mind. Could God possibly be purging the world in order to start anew? Humpnie stated that the story about God leaving due to overcrowding was just a story. However, the corruption and overcrowding of the Earth is something that God probably never intended. By having this purge, the world would slowly be rid of its ridiculous numbers. Could the gravekeepers be the mother’s of the next generation of humanity? Humpnie is someone who loved the living and hated the dead. Not a bad man at his core. The gravekeepers show no ill will towards humanity either. If God were to purge the world and only allow procreation between good men and God’s chosen women, would the world not shape up differently in the future? That is just something on my mind. On a more topical matter, I would like to know what is up with the princess and that half and half person. Two people sharing a body is interesting, but a little out there. On the other hand, we don’t know if Ai being a mix between a human and a gravekeeper will negatively affect her or not. Regardless, I am looking forward to more from this series.

I hope that I never have to worry about my car working.

I hope that I never have to worry about my car working.

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