Impression – Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist, Episode 04

Makai Ouji







We experienced something that I did not really expect from this series. What is that you ask? A straight romance. I am, not saying that it was bad, but I just didn’t expect it. A quick word of warning, that romance was at least ninety-five percent of the episode.

The forbidden fruit.

The forbidden fruit.

Well, things start off with Kevin acting pretty cold towards William. Apparently, Kevin is part of a religious family and he has to take over those duties by becoming the new acting priest at William’s school. He told William to not discuss private matters at school and he gave William the coldest of stares. I wonder how that is going to turn out. Oh well, here is what really mattered in the episode. The house mother ends up reporting some boys for breaking a window. Her name is Miss Mollins and there is some odd suspicion being raised about her because she is an old maid. For those of you that do not know, that is an unmarried woman of old age. That is a pretty old term, so I assume that old could mean like twenty-five. Having said that, Miss Mollins is fairly old. The odd thing is that some kids found occult books in her room and William saw a magic circle drawn on her floor. Totally not suspicious at all. It turns out that she fell in love with a demon back in the day that was one of the seventy-two pillars of Solomon. He disguised himself as the head boy of the school and ended up saying his final farewells to his love. She wanted to see him one more time before she died after she realized that becoming a demon would not be good for her. A fairly tragic love story. That is basically what happened.

Demons are popping up everywhere.

Demons are popping up everywhere.








Current Opinion of the Show:

I am not sure what to think right now. I assume that episodes like these will be few and far between, but I did feel like I wasted a bit of my time. The romance was cute, but it was way too cliché. “I fell in love with a man who my parents did not approve of. We were going to run away together, but he knew that our life together would never be easy. He left my life, but not my heart. I never married and I accepted this life of solitude that he had been living for longer than I could fathom. I was told that I was not long for this world, so I gave in to my selfish desires and wished to see him one last time before I died. All this time, he never stopped loving me.” That isn’t a speech from the show, I just described what happened in a simple way that would show you just how common it was. That is how almost every tragic love story goes when your main characters involve an innocent little white girl and anyone that strict white parent can disapprove of. So yeah, I didn’t really get much out of this episode.

That may not end well.

That may not end well.

This is the one thing from the episode that could become important. Having said that, the head boy is another demon ruler candidate. Back on track, Kevin seemed pretty cold towards William. There are a few explanations for that, so let’s go through them. The first is Kevin siding with the church and not being a fan of the whole elector thing. I think that such a thing is unlikely, so I will not elaborate on it. Another explanation is that Kevin took the job to protect William. The two are very close and the fact that the Cecil family has served William’s for generations makes me think that they are not ignorant to the King Solomon thing. Kevin taking the job would prevent another member of the church from having an advantageous post in the effort to take out William who is seen as a threat to the church. I think that this is affirmed by the way that Kevin addresses William when he wanted to talk about Miss Mollins. Oh well, I hope that something important happens soon because I was not a fan of what happened this time around.

Demons tend to do that.

Demons tend to do that.

One response to “Impression – Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist, Episode 04

  1. I really think Kevin being cold to William definitely has a reason behind it having to with Solomon. Although have to agree this episode did have a cliche romance story. Can’t wait for the next episode surely with the 3 main pillars now with William things will happen now.

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