News – Launch Trailer for Hate Plus Released

The trailer for Hate Plus was just released yesterday, and it’s looking pretty good.

The upcoming DLC to Christine Love’s previous game Analogue: A Hate Story serves as an expansion to the original game. Taking place shortly after the conclusion to the first game, the Investigator is now on a three-day return trip to Earth. During the trip, you uncover brand new data that finally sheds light on what exactly happened to the Mugunghwa that caused society to regress to an almost feudal-like patriarchal social system. Not only that, it looks like *Mute’s complete backstory will finally be revealed. Once again, it’s up to you to put the pieces together by unlocking data logs and learning about the days leading up to “Year Zero.”

Love has stated before that development on the DLC got so big that it’s big enough to be it’s own standalone title. Aside from more story, players will be able to import their save files from the original game and pick up their progress from there. As for newcomers who haven’t played the original game (and honestly, why would you even play the sequel to a game you haven’t played?), Love states that you will also be able to just pick up the game and start fresh.

Hate Plus will be available on August 19 for $10. Make sure to check out the original game as well!


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