Poll – Which “-Dere” Archetype Do You Prefer?

These popular archetypes form the cornerstones of character personalities in recent anime and manga. The Mahou Tofu crew wants to know which of these “-dere” personalities you fall head over heels for. Keep in mind that these can apply to characters of any gender!

I omitted kamidere because it’s so rare, and I think it’s fairly similar to himedere.

Also, it’s not like I made this poll for you either, so don’t get any bright ideas.


A possibly helpful glossary of terms:

  • -dere: cutesy, and makes up half of the other personalities
  • tsun-: harsh, hard-to-get
  • kuu-: cool, aloof
  • dan-: shy, taciturn
  • hime-: prince/princess complex
  • yan-: obsessive

3 responses to “Poll – Which “-Dere” Archetype Do You Prefer?

  1. Good lord I’m sick to death of the tsundere stereotype. I understand that anime is not ultimately aimed at me, and also that the tsundere archetype is clearly as popular as it is because so many fans respond well to it, but it’s one cliche I got annoyed with reeeally quickly.

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