Impression – Senki Zesshou Symphogear G, Episode 08

Senk Zesshou Symphogear G








I am actually very impressed by the amount of time that was spent on keeping Hibiki away from the battlefield. It was very obvious that she needs to fight during these crazy times, so spending less than an episode on the whole thing was great in my opinion. Hibiki is now ready to fight again, but will her motivation be even greater than it was before?

We must all stain our hands with blood at some point.

Hibiki’s vacation from the battlefield was pretty short-lived. How long was it? A little less than an episode. Apparently, the same building that has offices meant for secret government meetings also has an aquarium for people to visit. That is always fun. Ma’am met with members of the United States government, but they were quickly betrayed. Dr. Ver sent in the noise to help out, but a lot of bloodshed ensued. Things were getting blown up and Maria was forced to fight both the noise and the soldiers. As an anti-villain, Maria did not want people to die, but things rarely go the way we want them to. While that is happening, Hibiki had to transform because she was about to fall to her death. She planned on grabbing Miku, but an explosion may or may not have just killed her. That is going to play a big role in the series. Oh yeah, and the realization that Kirika is Finé is starting to hit the little girl. Will she lose control of her own soul? What side will Finé take if and when she is reincarnated? Why was Maria pretending to be Finé? We know the answer to that last one, but it is a question that is on Kirika’s mind right now.

Dr. Ver is really pissing off a lot of people.

Current Opinion of the Show:

I may have jumped from disappointed to impressed way too quickly, but I don’t care. This is getting interesting again. I like the fact that Hibiki is rejoining the fray once again and this Miku thing is going to be important. If she did die, then I will not say that it is a useless death. Loss is something that occurs very often in this series and it makes sense that a recurring character would be lost eventually. Miku dying could even give us another major change in Hibiki’s character. Do you remember how Hibiki didn’t want to fight other divas because we are all humans? Well, I wonder if that philosophy will stay intact if Hibiki thinks that Maria and company are responsible for the loss of Miku. I think that there may be a change in tone in the next episode. Pun not intended. I actually look forward to a possible change in Hibiki due to Miku’s death. It may mean that the action will persist instead of being just a tease like it has been in this season.

That looks good.

Does anyone else get really sad when they start to think about what these girls go through? From a young age they are brought in for experimentation and, if you make it through the trials, they reward you by having you fight monsters with little to no thanks from those around you due to the inability to have things go public. Kirika and Shirabe are excited about being able to eat convenience store food in a construction site because they never dreamed of such freedom as they were growing up. That is just starting to get to me. Aside from that, the only thing that is bugging me would be the questions that still need to be answered. I need to know what is up with the commander. I will not be satisfied until I know how he is able to fight like that. Will Hibiki survive? I don’t know at this point, but at least we know what is up with her powers. Will the other divas join up with Hibiki and company to save the world? If it didn’t happen, I still wouldn’t believe it. Will the United States actually help out? No and I know that for a fact. The only real question is the damn commander and no one can tell me that I am overreacting when I say that they need to let us know about it.

We better find out about this in the next episode.

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