Impression – Mushibugyou, Episode 22









Tenma is someone who is very interesting. He fights in a way that is very different from everyone else, but that definitely isn’t a bad thing. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen much from him aside from his shikigami slapping people. There has to be more to him because that is just too bland for a character that is going to get screen time. Thankfully, we got more from him, but I don’t know how I feel about his powers as of now.

That is a really sad sight.

We all knew that the Tenma fight was coming up next, but that didn’t mean that I knew what to expect. Things started out in a way that I would expect them to. Tenma was scared of everything and they eventually started talking about family. It was revealed that Jinbei’s mom died when he was young, but my lack of official knowledge in that regard may have been due to bad translations. On the flip side, I don’t think that she is dead, so we will see if my stubbornness will pay off. Back on the Tenma front, the guy wants to see his parents. They were separated when he was young and people have told him that he will get to see them if he becomes stronger. I don’t know how that will turn out, but Tenma got a stereotypical enemy that I was waiting for. We all know that eccentric enemy in anime that has a catchphrase or signature word that he won’t stop using. This guy said “justice” more times than I could count, but he was really just a lunatic. The guy beat the crap out of Tenma which was odd because he really took a beating. I thought that casters weren’t allowed to be that tough. Oh well, Tenma pulled off some anime bullshit to finish the fight. I was not a fan of his ability to pull new powers out of his ass, but I did enjoy the fact that he took out his enemy without allowing him to transform. That is just logical.

The shikigami megazord has arrived.

Current Opinion of the Show:

The show itself is great, but I am not a fan of the new fight. For the most part, I did not enjoy Tenma’s fight. He showed off some slightly new powers when it comes to his shikigami, but it was nothing special. The stuff doesn’t need to be flashy, but Tenma was getting his ass kicked. What pissed me off the most was the fact that he was going to die from a fall. Is the paper crane not allowed to save him? You are flying on that thing dude. After a beating that a mage-like character should not be able to take, Tenma busted out unknown power when pushed into a corner. His two shikigami and the crane that transformed into a plane combined and became extra powerful. Where was that earlier? Honestly though. If you can do that, you need to do it before you almost admit defeat and die. That is just stupid. The only redeeming part of that fight is the fact that Tenma killed his enemy before he could transform. Stop letting enemies power up and win the dam fight. Dragon Ball Z started some horrible stuff with that shit. Oh yeah, and hitting him into outer space was interesting. Go big or go home I guess.

What is up with this well?

The biggest questions remaining are all about the Mushibugyou. I want to know what is up with the mystic well. Is it directly related to the Mushibugyou? Would it then be related to the insect men? Why do the insect men not know about the well? What makes the Mushibugyou the princess of whatever the insect men are a part of? Why did they not simply attack Edo? There are some interesting questions here. I am still wondering if the insect men are truly a threat to the world. In my eyes, the insect hunters are a stronger group. What is that based on? Not much other than the fact that Mugai was their leader, they seemed to be able to defeat Hibachi and Tenma easily, and I am still not truly impressed by the insect men. Having said that, my Jinbei gauge is starting to even out. My old excuse for feeling this way was the fact that Jinbei could fight these things. However, Jinbei has been getting owned ever since his personal fight ended. Maybe I am misjudging the insect men. Regardless, I need to see Yukimura and Saizou fighting because I assume that they will be the sole survivors from their side in this arc. Having said that, I think that Jinbei and company will lose out to them. Why is that? They are obviously strong, they have that crazy ship, and I can’t see Jinbei and company winning before the season is over. It is as simple as that.

That was unnecessary.

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