Impression – Senyuu. 2, Episode 08

Senyuu. 2








I guess that there was evidence that Ross was fairly important going into this one. Not only was a working with Ruki, but he didn’t seem to be thrown off by the fact that she was the demon lord. Also, the guy is really strong. Alba looks like nothing compared to this guy. I guess that they gave us subtle hints early on regarding this relation. Well, Ross is the original hero, but why is the demon lord still asleep?

What a world to return to.

I guess you could say that not a lot actually happened. A lot of magic was released during the fight already and it is affecting the surrounding area. Hime and company were hit by it and Foifoi is technically dead. The gang was supposed to speed up, but they ended up shooting Alba from a cannon. The guards know that he is on the run again, so being shot from a cannon may not be the worst thing in the world. Oh well, things are progressing a little differently with the rest of the group. It has been revealed that Ross is the hero and that he never had any children. Look at all of these fake descendants. Dezember claims that Ross has yet to regain his hero powers, but it is still odd that Ruki’s grandfather has yet to be awakened. All I know is that an actual fight is probably on our hands and that things are kind of heating up.

I wonder if that trip will actually get Alba closer to the action.

Current Opinion of the Show:

I really enjoyed this episode. Why is that you ask? The writers actually got a lot done with the amount of time that they were allotted. We found out that Alba is raising his status on the most wanted list with another jail break, Hime and company know that something is up and they are hastening their pace, and they are starting to explain the backstory for Ross. They showed how he met Ruki and why he is disguised as a soldier. Dezember has even started up some stuff with claims of a powerless hero and whatnot. Overall, this episode got a lot done and I appreciate that. Also, there was a slight comedic element in this one, but that is fine. You can’t go all out on the comedy and accomplish this much in four minutes. I am really looking forward to meeting Ruki’s grandpa. I bet you that he is friends with Ross and that he may already have been revived. He is probably just enjoying his sleep.

This was a great scene.

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