Impression – Senki Zesshou Symphogear G, Episode 10

Senk Zesshou Symphogear G








How much responsibility is going to be put on the shoulders of these young women? Well, if anime has taught me anything, it is that young girls must shoulder heavy burdens while being attractive to a male audience or else the series will not work. I don’t find it necessary, but anime culture has decided that this is what must be done.

That will open something.

Well, the drugs weren’t the only ones talking when Miku was fighting. Even though she is being controlled by the drugs and some neural inserts, Miku does genuinely want to have Dr. Ver’s plan go through. Why is this? He promised Miku that there would be no fighting in this new world. Unfortunately, he left out quite a bit of information when he said that. Miku ends up fighting Chris and pretty much getting destroyed. That is until Dr. Ver uses some underhanded tactics. Also, Miku’s gear can destroy symphogears. That information gave Hibiki a great idea. She planned on using that energy to free Miku from the gear. With death being a total possibility, Hibiki still jumps into action. An odd fight occurs where the relic starts to produce giant crystals that are forcing their way out of Hibiki’s body. What actually happened here? Miku and Hibiki entered the beam, the frontier has supposedly been unlocked, Tsubasa and company now have Shirabe, and Kirika knows that she will become Finé eventually. That is a lot to take in.

That does not look healthy.

Current Opinion of the Show:

Let’s take a second to talk about what is going on with Hibiki. For a while now I have thought that her fusion with the relic was going to benefit her body. She is able to touch the noise without transforming and I thought it would be like how parasite type weapons were the most powerful ones in D. Gray Man. I really enjoyed that series until it stopped coming out regularly. Well, all of my assumptions regarding Hibiki’s condition were shot down when I saw the giant crystals protruding from her flesh. That and the heat kind of meant that she was dying. I need to stop assuming that they are going to cheat death in shounen ways. Something I want to know is whether or not jumping into that beam helped Hibiki. If it can negate gear energy, then maybe it can revert some of the damage to Hibiki’s body. If not, it is going to be difficult to explain the new body jewelry to her classmates.

Shirabe looks really defeated now that Kirika basically betrayed her.

So, is Shirabe going to fight for the good guys now? I assume that they will not force her to stay in the same way that the Commander handled Chris in the first season, but this could get fairly interesting. Anyone that is familiar with this series knew that the other divas were going to team up with Hibiki and company eventually. I just want to know how this is exactly going to happen. Kirika is starting to lose herself and Finé hasn’t even invaded her soul yet. Then we have a Maria that continues to go against her true wishes. We are running out of time, so I want to know what they plan to do with the moon. There is a fair amount of science going on in this series, so it would be nice to know if the plan on destroying something that is very important in shaping our planet. On a side note, I lost my ability to think at a certain point in this episode. Which point you ask? The one where the producer starts doing things like running on water and acting like he should be fighting the noise. Are he and the Commander both part of a failed experiment that was meant to produce warriors that fight the noise? I can’t tell you, but they better not forget about explaining this shit.

I really like the attacks in this series.

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