Impression – Senki Zesshou Symphogear G, Episode 11

Senk Zesshou Symphogear G








I did expect some of the girls to switch sides, but I did not expect it to go the way that it did. The good side got a new recruit, but it lost two in the process. The two that went down are obviously not going to stay away from the good side for long, but it was an odd sequence of events. What did this teach me? Even the unpredictable stuff in this series is predictable.

That does not look good.

The Frontier has been raised. Dr. Ver used a special version of the LiNKER drug that was mixed with cells from the Nephilim in order to gain a very powerful arm. The Nephilim’s heart is already powering things, so this arm has given Dr. Ver control over the entire operation. His lust for power has really gone too far this time. He pulled the moon even closer to the Earth and that has hastened the destruction of the human race. Dr. Ver knows that he will survive, so nothing matters anymore. Maria was not happy about this, but she is powerless in this emotional state. On the battlefield, Kirika is still fighting for Dr. Ver because she believes that his way is the only way to save everyone. This has led to a fight between her and the converted Shirabe. Also, Tsubasa has to fight Chris. Chris shot Tsubasa and joined Dr. Ver even though it is pretty obvious that she is a double agent. What is Hibiki doing? Running to Maria even though she can no longer fight. That beam destroyed Miku’s gear and all of the relic fragments inside of Hibiki. I am sure that she will find a way around that eventually. The fight is just getting started.

Fuck you Hibiki.

Current Opinion of the Show:

I am a little disappointed right now. The series has done things that I kind of dislike and things that I am alright with. Overall, the battle is being poorly executed at this beginning stage in my opinion, but I will give it some time. Unfortunately, they are cramming this crucial part of the series into three episodes and that is destroying the pacing of the story. Things feel rushed and that is not a good thing. Chris’ betrayal didn’t really get the buildup that it deserved. Anyone that says it needed to be unexpected doesn’t realize how obvious it is that she is a double agent. The surprise factor should lead to questions regarding her allegiance and not the obvious progression of events that we are looking at. She is going to double cross Dr. Ver soon because she feels responsible for a lot of this. Will I look like an idiot if I am wrong and I am talking out of my ass? Yes, but it just seems like it is that obvious.

That is some ridiculous power.

Let’s talk about Dr. Ver and The Frontier. That thing is ridiculously powerful. Dr. Ver used the energy to reach up and move the moon. That was pretty crazy. Also, the place can be used to control gravity to the point that Dr. Ver can crush ships that have been elevated out of the water. How are they supposed to fight against The Frontier? Dr. Ver still controls Solomon’s Cane and he even has some cells from the Nephilim inside of him. I wonder if he will fuse with that heart before the end of this and become a crazy hybrid monster that must be defeated. I wouldn’t put it past them, but I don’t think it has to happen. Also, everyone should hate Dr. Ver at this point. He has a lust for power that will not stop and he is your typical crazed scientist. Did that comment about repopulating the Earth with Maria make anyone else uncomfortable? It didn’t help that she was on the ground crying after he smacked her during that statement. Even though things are getting pretty serious, I do expect another corny ending. That is what this series has always given us.

Where were the handguns earlier?

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