Impression – Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist, Episode 11

Makai Ouji







This war for William thing is getting fairly interesting. The forces of heaven and hell are strengthening their forces, but I did not truly grasp the importance of Solomon before this episode. The ring, the descendent, and the king have gotten together to give us a few answers regarding the true battle that is about to take place.

William was not ready for any of this.

What do you do when the enemy has access to the key in the war? You take him into custody of course. The demons have decided that it would be smart to bring William to hell and protect him from the forces of heaven for now. Astaroth is not the biggest fan of this because she knows that Baalberith is simply after Solomon’s soul. Regardless, it is decided that bringing William down is the best course of action. Astaroth is supposed to take care of him, so things aren’t all bad. William was forcibly taken to a metting where he continued to disrespect the four rulers of the demon world. After an attempt on his life, Dantalion stepped in, but a certain ring made an appearance. Without the ring, Solomon holds no power over the demons and they decide that taking it from William is the best course of action. William put on the ring and Solomon was brought back. His power brought great destruction to the event, but Dantalion and the others were not especially happy about this. Neither was Michael as they realized this grand event just went down and war is about to truly kick off. Dantalion wants to remove the ring to save William, but Solomon is having none of that. How will this turn out?

Everyone seems like a bad guy right now.

Current Opinion of the Show:

I really like the direction that this series has taken. I have been a fan of the war between heaven and hell since it started and the surprising level of action has been a nice addition to the series. It does seem like everyone except for those that are close to William are acting like villains, but that is somewhat relative. Being oppressed for centuries by a force that has laid dormant is not the best feeling in the world. If an enemy was holding down your people and you had the opportunity to rise against them, would you give up that chance? I know that I wouldn’t. Wanting Solomon’s ring for themselves just seems like a logical decision to me. Dantalion won’t stand for that, but Solomon has other plans himself. He doesn’t even seem to remember Dantalion even though he remembers the others. I think that it may have just been a catty way of saying that he does not remember a Dantalion that would go against him like he is now. The guy is trying to stop Solomon’s resurrection in order to save William.

Uriel is going through some shit right now.

I guess what I really want to know about is the war. I assume that the demons cannot stop Solomon, so they will have to simply win the war against heaven. I only say this because it looks like Michael is about to take action as Astaroth has predicted. Having said that, they won’t let Solomon take over William’s body. I can’t see that happening when he is the main character and Dantalion is not having that shit. Uriel will probably get to keep his other wing for now. They will need him for this fight that he will probably take seriously. I say that because Uriel is going to want to keep William away from the demons and Solomon’s soul. Heaven may be able to do something about that since they bestowed the blessings of Solomon. There is obviously a lot going on and that confuses me a bit. I am comprehending everything just fine and I know why they are doing this, but we only have one episode left in this season. This is obviously a series that needs more than twelve episodes, but I do want some closure at the end of the season. I don’t know how they plan on doing that at this point.

How is a Nephilim a ruler?

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