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That was a very interesting ending. What will I say about it? Parts of it were expected, but they were not executed in ways that I expected. As far as a sense of closure goes, I didn’t really feel it. I know that the arc is technically over, but I feel like a lot was left on the table. Is that a good thing? Sure it is, but I am a little frustrated right now because I can’t say that we will be getting more anytime soon.

The world came crashing down around them.

That scene with Ai and Alis together on his worst day of the loop really got to Dee. She decided that she was going to shatter what happened and force an early reset. She called Alis and Ai to the basketball court so they could not interfere. Dee shot one of her classmates and forced everyone to remember what happened. Then, a traumatized group of teenagers began to reenact the events that led to the wish. Dee jumped out of a window, but Alis, Ai, and the rest of the class saved her. Even though we thought that Dee died, it turns out that she was not the dead person in the class. During the original event, Alis went to save her and fell out of the window. Thus, sacrificing Alis was necessary for the loop to end. A bunch of tearful goodbyes started the destruction of the dimension. Dee could not get the kids to reset and everyone was released. There was a tearful moment between Alis and Ai that ended with what looked like a forehead kiss. Oh yeah, and Ai did save Alis. Do we know how she did that? No and we won’t until the series resumes.

This was a cliché that was used well enough.

Current Opinion of the Show:

This is definitely my favorite series from the season. Although the ending was odd, I didn’t hate it. We all knew that Alis would find a way to be the sacrifice. That is his character and this series wasn’t going to build up his character like that and not have him making that decision. Even though choosing between Dee and the class would have romanticized the series, that isn’t what Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi is all about. As far as Alis being saved goes, I am not sure about that one. It felt like a Disney movie to me. Even though a lot of series give us that overly happy ending, I expected different from this series. Was it bad? Not really, but Alis dying would have fit the style of this series. Having said that, they may be going for a more uplifting feel. I think that we may have seen a shift in tone during the Ortus arc. We don’t know how Alis survived and that has thrown me off a bit. There are a lot of things left up in the air and I don’t think that I can wait for more. I need the next season now.

This series is really dark.

Let’s talk about how ridiculously dark this arc was. People were stuck in a time loop in which both Alis and Dee stained their hands with blood in attempts to control this world. Dee shot the man that she loved in order to try to end his suffering. After that, she shot one of her classmates and forced all of them to relive their trauma in more ways than one. The facial expressions that we were shown during that reenactment were haunting. Alis shot all of his classmates in front of Dee and the rest to show the extent of the reset. Fear of the outside world forced Dee to change. She had to burn evidence and turn into someone who could be seen as a villain. Alis decided to destroy this comfortable world that could be seen as a utopia in order to allow progress. That is something that should be talked about. How many of those people are pissed off that they have to live in this crazy world right now? That may be short-sighted, but the entire world has been forced into a state of eternity. Say what you will, but this arc was the darkest in my eyes.

I want to know that answer as well.

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  1. My favourite series of the season as well. This ending really felt lacking and I hope we get another season cause this show definitely deserves one! Out randomness and self plugging , I covered the ending song , its on my blog , I’d be honoured if you’d take a listen to it!

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