Impression – Senyuu. 2, Episode 13

Senyuu. 2








What was I expecting from the end of Senyuu. 2 for the season? A very ambiguous ending. Even though they demon king has been taken away for sealing, we all know that Ross can’t be taken away and this series would not give us an ending like that. Also, there are a bunch of demons that still need to be taken out. There better be more.

The criminal rampage continues.

The episode was fairly straight forward. People were pretty bummed about not getting money and fame from this event. The corrupt king pretty much wasted everyone’s time. Well, Alba doesn’t share that exact sentiment. He is more worried about Ross. He starts up an overly manly speech that just doesn’t fit him. Everyone laughs at him because of this and that is where we get our very meta comedy in the last episode. Also, Alba is looking at an additional thirty years in jail because he punched the king. If they had the three strikes rule, then Alba may never get out of prison. There is another side of things in this situation. Do you remember the demon that disguised himself as Alba in order to aid in his escape? Well, it turns out that he can use the powers of those that he copies. The guy is actually really evil and he is after the power of Creasion. Also, this was only the first part of the series.

I was not expecting that one.

Current Opinion of the Show:

I both love and hate this series. What did I want from this series? More action and a solid plot. What are we getting? More action and a solid plot. What do we not have time for? More action and a solid plot. The surprise appearance of Alba’s savior is really interesting. If Creasion can do anything with his magic and Elf November can copy any magic, then we are looking at a clash with a super villain. The demon king is so anti climactic and I love it. They are actually setting up for something and that is good. It also looks like they plan on continuing the series because they announced that the first two seasons make up part one of the series. I am looking forward to more, but we are going to run into the same problem that we have twice already. There just isn’t enough time to advance things well. I don’t know if they will continue to alternate seasons for release, but I doubt they can do it. I don’t doubt the writers, but I do doubt the budget. Oh well, I enjoyed the series thus far and I am looking forward to more.

This surprised me more than anything else.

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