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Strike the Blood








What was I expecting from the second episode? A look into the underworld and some fairly heavy romance. We got both and that is making this series fairly predictable. Is that necessarily a bad thing? Not really because we are only two episodes in and I would rather have well-written predictable stuff than crazy things that are bad for the series.

People love cats.

The episode itself featured a lot of romantic stuff. Kojou and Himeragi spent a lot of time together. Is this because Himeragi was tasked with observing Kojou? Yes, but they are making this observation stuff pretty casual. They went shopping, had dinner together, and even went on a trip to the convenience store that resulted in a crane game victory. Sounds like a date to me. Himeragi is still getting used to life in the real world and that means the trip to the hardware store was very odd. Himeragi thought everything was a weapon and that fit in with some classic anime moments. No one gets used to the real world in a day. The fight is what really got things going. Vampires are being targeted by a member of the English church and that means a fight is about to go down. Himeragi challenged the guy and his familiar, but that did not work out well for the little girl. Right before she realized that a fatal blow might be taken and images of Kojou popped into Himeragi’s head, Kojou burst in to save the day. The fight looked like it might not go well for our protagonist, but some real vampire power was about to be unleashed. Watch out for a real fight in the next episode.

I am actually pretty pleased with the fight scenes.

Current Opinion of the Show:

I am enjoying this series. The action scenes are actually much better than I expected. Even though they are fairly short thus far, the animation is nice and the powers are interesting. It is also good to see that they aren’t making Himeragi ridiculously over powered right away. She is obviously an attack mage in training and she should not be able to take on a big time member of the English church. Also, it is nice to see some real power from Kojou. Obviously, the guy was holding back in order to not kill anyone and the display at the end of the episode showed that. The blow that he took clearly triggered his survival instincts and some legitimate power was being unleashed. That guy needs to watch out because he is messing with powers that even Kojou can no longer control. I would like to see the teacher fight, but that isn’t necessary just yet. She can sit this one out.

Kojou is busted.

I guess that we should talk about the pretty obvious romance that is going down in this series. It is clear that Himeragi is already getting attached to Kojou. She enjoys spending time with him and images of Kojou flashed through her mind when she felt as though she was going to take a big hit. Wondering if someone would be sad when you die is pretty convincing to me. I am wondering if this is going to go anywhere. It will obviously get a lot of attention due to the fact that Himeragi is supposed to observe Kojou, but this is a shounen series. They will quite often find a way to not resolve a romantic plot line for no reason whatsoever. Having said that, this is a vampire series. They tend to throw in some extra romance with vampires as it is one of the few aspects of the genre that have yet to be eliminated. Creative license with vampires is starting to get out of hand. If you call something a vampire, then you basically have no rules to follow. Write whatever you like. Is this good for writers? Yes and no. I only say no because it kills vampire fans, but it seems like a good thing. Creative license helps writers do what they want and it seems as though messing with vampire lore doesn’t kill you. Twilight might be heavily criticized, but it did make bank.

When did loli teachers become a thing?

2 responses to “Impression – Strike the Blood, Episode 02

  1. Second episode was a pretty good watch. STB may not be something revolutionary, but it seems to be doing well with what it’s trying to be and it’s a fun watch even if it’s hardly “new” material per say. Fights are pretty cool and it’s sweet seeing the interactions between Kojou and Himeragi. Looks like next week’s episode will be pretty intense.

    • This is a series that I definitely look forward to watching. The vampire thing is a little overdone in this modern writing era, but I think that it stands out from the bunch in a good way. I am really excited for the next episode because things are starting to really pick up.

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