Mahou Tofu Podcast – Episode 08, Recorded on 09/08/13


Download: Mahou_Tofu_Podcast_Episode_08

Bryan, Daniel, Duc, and Will talk about the Summer 2013 Anime Season and the video game lineup for the holiday season. Oh yeah, and some brutal behind the scenes facts get revealed. What happens when four guys fight over the right to cover an anime? Stuff that should be recorded next season.

Leave us some questions in the comments and we will answer them in the next podcast!


Link Dump

The World God Only Knows

Monogatari Series

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S

Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi

Top Ten Anime Series 2012

Fall Anime Season 2013

Upcoming Games

Altered Version of 21 and Over

2 responses to “Mahou Tofu Podcast – Episode 08, Recorded on 09/08/13

    • The ending was unintentional. I threw in the burp at the beginning because we had a .wav file that was literally just you burping and I didn’t want to use the old into again.

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