Impression – Galilei Donna, Episode 02



Episode 02 – “Messier”

That “Western action movie” feeling persists into this week’s episode. I get a very Da Vinci Code feeling from it, and it’s really interesting to see that aesthetic represented in an anime series. After Hozuki thoroughly kicked ass with her goldfish airship, the police naturally rush to the scene. Unfortunately for the Ferrari family, it seems like the whole world is against them and after Galileo’s inheritance, as the police take them under arrest.

It’s still very unclear as to what Galileo’s inheritance is exactly. A stroke of luck allows Hozuki to avoid the police and to meet Anna Hendrix, a huge Galileo aficionado. According to Anna, Galileo’s inheritance is some sort of discovery that he made and naturally left behind in a series of mysterious notes. This discovery, codenamed “The Galileo Tesoro” is apparently so monumental, that it would be on par with his theory of heliocentrism, his current claim to fame. This sort of historical fiction excites me, and it’s something that we don’t often see in anime.


Despite the family-oriented feeling I was getting earlier from the series, it still manages to be kind of dark at some points like when the family is threatened with torture. Though, that focus on family is kind of the driving motivation for the story right now, most particularly with Hozuki. Considering she’s the hero at this point in time, family is pretty important. In addition, I think it’s fascinating how many different people seem to be after Galileo’s inheritance. Surely each group has its own ulterior motivation for what they’re doing. I just wonder how this legend was spread around the world so readily.

So as if Hozuki and her airship wasn’t badass enough, she also built her own awesome goldfish mech suit. Unfortunately, it heats up to dangerous levels, which I feel is something that should be addressed more often in series that use mecha suits. We also get to see Kazuki’s martial arts in action as she beats the hell out of the police officer. Too bad their father can show more aptitude in combat, but you have to admit that he has courage and guts.


Even though it was all happy times for most of the episode, we’re left with one terrible cliffhanger. One doesn’t simply end an episode with a mom who’s bloody, unconscious, and on the floor. The series can go in several different directions after this, but I can’t see it just killing Sylvia off so easily like that. That being said, I think¬†Galilei Donna¬†is my favorite series of this season. The historical fiction mixed in with a JRPG-esque setting (and music!) makes it a worthwhile watch in my book.

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