Impression – Strike the Blood, Episode 03

Strike the Blood








I am still not sure what the appeal of this series is going to be. I think that the action has potential, but we haven’t really seen enough of it yet. Will it be the romantic comedy stuff that pulls through for it? It could definitely make an impact. Honestly, the balance is nice now, but I am a little concerned about the ability of the series to maintain this happy medium. I have seen a lot of series get lost trying to juggle too many things. Oh well, let’s hope that the writing holds up.

He probably meant the other kind as well.

Well, that little light show was pretty extreme. A familiar went out of control as a self-defense mechanism when Kojou took that big hit and it took out power on the island. Approximately twenty billion yen in costs went down. That is never good. Apparently, the familiars don’t always listen to Kojou because he is a virgin. Not that kind of virgin. Kojou has never sucked anyone’s blood because he is too used to being a regular human. What kind of vampire doesn’t suck anyone’s blood? That ends up not being a problem anymore because we get to jump into the romantic comedy part of the episode. Asagi doesn’t just help Kojou study. She also does homework for him. Unfortunately, if you are already doing his homework and the guy still hasn’t noticed you, then you may want to change your plan. Having said that, it is pretty standard procedure in an anime to screw over the girl who has been with the guy in favor of the transfer student. Now that I used an actual transition, let’s talk about another adventure with the transfer student. Kojou and Himeragi were called into the counselor’s office and warned about the demon hunting, but the two can’t really stop now. Without catching this guy, Kojou will be accused of destruction of property on a grand scale now that the Lion King Organization is involved. Luckily, Kojou is smarter than he looks and they were able to track down the guy’s hideout. They found it and Kojou was not happy with the situation. The place was used for experimentation on homunculi and the Deacon forced a familiar into that little girl. It gives her great power and the ability to control a familiar even though she is not a vampire, but it will take her life within two weeks. I would say that the fight was on if it wasn’t for the fact that Kojou was just decapitated while trying to save Himeragi. I didn’t expect to see that happen so soon.

This is like a less creepy School Days moment.

Current Opinion of the Show:

I am very pleased with the direction that this series is taking. Is Kojou dead? Of course not. He is the main character and there is no way that the Forth Promigenitor would be so easily defeated. Stuff like this always happens with vampires. The fact that they are nearly indestructible has made for some very good plot armor over the years. He will get back up and fight the guy in the next episode. Will that make the experience any less traumatizing for Himeragi? Probably not because she was last scene covered in Kojou’s blood while holding onto his severed head. That was a fairly gruesome decapitation as well. This makes me feel as though the action in this series is going to be fairly good. We got to see some flashy stuff with that familiar and I am guessing that Kojou is still holding back. It is tough to hit a young girl after he reacted the way that he did to the experimentation. I am hoping that we see an actual fight though. We have only gotten pieces thus far. The gore can be either good or bad. It would be good if they weren’t afraid to be a little graphic. What we got in this episode was good enough because they didn’t show the decapitation, but we got to see a lot of blood and a severed head. It would be bad if gore was too prominent and it became a focus of the fights. Turning a series into gore-porn is almost always a bad idea. I am assuming that the target audience for this series isn’t looking for that.

A classic anime line.

As far as the romantic stuff is concerned, I actually find it to be fairly entertaining. I know that some people have complained about the speed with which Himeragi has fallen for Kojou, but there is a good explanation for that. Himeragi was raised in a very sheltered environment with what I assume was mostly young ladies. Being focused on training like this has made it so that she is not used to certain social interactions. Himeragi doesn’t have the same career soldier mentality that we see in Full Metal Panic, but she isn’t used to being around guys. The relationship between Kojou and Himeragi is already fairly intimate due to the amount of time that they spend together and you aren’t going to write a story like this one that develops much slower than this one. Anyone that says Himeragi isn’t into Kojou obviously isn’t watching this series. The stuff with Asagi is interesting. It makes me sad because she will obviously be part of Kojou’s support system even though she will fall short in the race for love. That is what happens when you are a previously established love interest. They will almost always push for the new girl. Is that irritating? Only if you have a heart. I would like to see a confrontation between the two girls because that always makes me laugh. If Asagi went over to see Kojou around dinner time and she saw Himeragi inside, then that would be a pretty fun part of the series. Will that happen? I don’t know, but my shipping heart would definitely want to see it happen.

This better be a good fight.

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  1. This was a pretty fun episode. Some nice character interactions and then things got pretty intense. I was surprised by the decapitation though, didn’t think that’d happen so fast. Obviously knowing how these things go he’ll be alright sooner or later, but it still caught me off guard. Can’t wait to see how strong Kujou is once he really goes all out.

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