Impression – BlazBlue: Alter Memory, Episode 01

Ragna's a badass, but he can't save this poor adaptation.

Ragna’s a badass, but he can’t save this poor adaptation.

This impression is going to be relatively short and straightforward.  Now, I generally try not to be too negative with my impressions, as I am a bit more of an optimistic fellow, but this adaptation of BlazBlue is extremely lackluster.  Hoods Entertainment couldn’t have dropped the ball any faster or harder with this first episode.  Right off the bat, you can probably tell that this adaptation is pretty low-budget based on the visuals and the opening (which you will soon find is 99% made up of scenes from this first episode).  The pacing for the story is awful and you would likely have no idea what is going on, unless you have played the game’s story mode.  This episode essentially consists of them throwing half of the character cast at you and having you follow a few of them around.  No real explanation is given and no development occurs.  It’s simply following around Ragna the BloodEdge or Noel Vermillion and then jumping into random action fight scenes with no major context.  Speaking of the fight scenes, they themselves are terribly boring and unappealing, in my opinion.  I would say putting up a few clips of actual fighting gameplay would be more exciting, or at least amusing.

This fight was brief and disappointing.

This fight was brief and disappointing.  I’d rather watch Ragna vs. Jin in the game.

The only passable element of this first episode is the music, but even that is lackluster.  The music in the game is far more enjoyable, so I would rather go pop this game into the 360/PS3 and go a few rounds instead of watching this adaptation.  There are two major goals for video game adaptations, which are to catch the interest of new potential fans and to please the long-time fans of the series. BlazBlue: Alter Memory fails to do either of these due to the poor pacing, lack of explanation, and unimpressive fighting.  With such a poor way of telling the story, you would expect the fighting to be great to compensate.  Unfortunately, you would be wrong in this case and you would be better off playing the game.  To end this brief impression, I personally hate this adaptation and recommend anyone interested to just play the game.  You’ll gain a better appreciation for the story, characters, fighting, and music there.

Go play the game...or Taokaka will attack you in a dark alley.

Go play the game…or Taokaka will attack you in a dark alley.

One response to “Impression – BlazBlue: Alter Memory, Episode 01

  1. I’ve been keeping up with the Blazblue anime, and while I find that I am enjoying it to an extent, I would certainly agree. Main reason I started watching was because some of my friends really enjoy the games and I don’t have a whole lot of free time to play them, so I figured I would give the anime a go. When I heard it would only be 12 episodes, I was definitely quite skeptical about how they could fit such a long story into a short runtime, and there are certainly problems with all of it. A lot of the plot seems quite confusing and a lot of explanations that seem like they should be given never happen and I don’t find myself really attached to the characters at all. Even now with the anime’s run almost done, a lot still feels unclear and the lack of development bothers me.

    Ultimately I would still say the anime is a decent watch, but it feels like a lot of wasted potential and of all the series I’m keeping up with this season, BlazBlue is definitely the least enjoyable for me.

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