Impression – Yuusha ni Narenakatta Ore wa Shibushibu Shuushoku wo Ketsui Shimashita., Episode 05


Well, you can have a story with an oblivious love interest for only so long before they start to act like something that they don’t understand. What am I talking about? Well, there is no way that Phino understands the human system of significant others. However, she spent a good portion of this episode acting as Raul’s girlfriend. Will the situation be explained. Will Phino realize what a girlfriend truly is? Will she stop the acting and try to take on the actual role?

Raul and Phino never react the same way.

We have problems. A new magical appliance store has opened in the area and Leon has no customers. Why is the new store this impactful? It is dominant force in the market. Amada makes up over fifty percent of the sales when it comes to magical appliances and this means that they can open fancy stores with sale prices that Leon simply can’t beat. This development led to a meeting that would determine a course of action. What was decided upon? An undercover date. Raul and Phino are supposed to go to the grand opening of Amada and investigate the enemy. They found a great selection, prices, and atmosphere, but there was something missing. The scale of the store forced out the personal touch and they failed to aid an old lady. Customer service is very important. Phino may not be the best spy, but she knows how to play her role. The manager told her to act like Raul’s girlfriend and she made Raul really uncomfortable. What could make the romantic comedy stuff even better? How about running into Airi while she is at work as a bunny girl for Amada.

I hope so.

Current Opinion of the Show:

I really enjoyed this episode. Why is that? Honestly, it is because we got a good dose of the romantic comedy stuff without much of the extreme ecchi that we have been getting from this series. The old man touched Lamia, but that was really it. The stuff with Raul and Phino is what will always get me. Acting like his girlfriend has started something great that I can’t wait to see in the next episode. Airi and Raul have seen each other again and we all know that Phino will butt in to say that she is Raul’s girlfriend. That will be great because it will really pile on the embarrassment for Airi. Losing face in front of Raul because she took a retail job and losing Raul to the new girl. I don’t hate her or anything, but that is just good writing. They will probably have a moment where Raul tells Airi that joining retail isn’t the end. We have to pay the bills and it is almost dumber to be stubborn than it is to blindly chase your dreams. Chasing dreams is fine, but there is a practical side of life.

Definitely not untrue.

There are a few things that are on my mind. The first is Raul’s reputation at the company. Does everyone know that he was a hero in training before the death of the demon lord? I would think that a guy boasting those skills may be a little more well-respected around the workplace. Having said that, the respect may just have all gone to his harem powers. It seems like everyone wants a date with Raul even though Phino is the only one that gets one. Next, I would like to see more of the assistant manager. His stressful nature makes him funny. Also, trying to exploit Phino led to some funny stuff in Raul’s head. I don’t know what Raul would have done if he saw Phino dressed like that. The manager gave Phino that schoolgirl outfit, but I don’t think that it was really doing it for Raul. I guess the last thing is just me taking a mile when I was given an inch. I just want to see more progress between Raul and Phino. We are getting plenty, but that is really the only reason that I am liking this series. Everything else is average at best in my opinion and I might only like the romance because I love shipping. I would worry more if it wasn’t so obvious that we will be getting more romance in the near future.

Raul knows what he likes.

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