Impression – Avatar: The Legend of Korra Book 2: Spirit, Episode 09


It took a while, but The Legend of Korra is finally back. There were a lot of things left up in the air after the one hour special. Mako discovered that Varrick is behind the terrorist attacks, Korra regained her memories and knows that she must close the spirit portal, and Mako is living in a soap opera. In all seriousness, things are really starting to pick up.

Varrick is an evil genius.

Let’s forget everything that I said about Varrick not being able to profit from his actions. A great businessman always looks for money and Mako explained everything. Varrick is trying to force Republic City into the war. With multiple sides fighting, he will gain control of the companies that stand to make the most money from said war like Future Industries. This is brilliant and Varrick knows how to handle threats. He tried to hire Mako as a security officer, but that fell through. Looks like he will need to handle Mako in a different way. On the other end of the story, Korra tracked down Tenzin and company at the air temple. She needs his help to enter the spirit world and close the portal before things get real. Many failed attempts to enter the spirit world occur and the group has to turn to an unlikely aid. Jinora, Tenzin’s oldest child, can see spirits and was the one that saw the carving of the first avatar when Korra opened the southern portal. Her spirit friends led her to the place that would take her to the spirit world and the two began meditation. Unfortunately, Vatu knows about this and he is continuing to lead Unalaq towards evil. What is going on back at Republic City? Varrick decided to frame Mako and get him arrested. Things are definitely getting real.

How long will it take for them to reach the portals?

Current Opinion of the Show:

I really like where things are going. The best part of the first season was the conflict between Korra and the Equalists. There was good action and a very nice concept behind the enemy. There is something similar going on here. I love the concept of looking to the source of evil for power. Unalaq teaming up with Vatu shows that we have that. Also, the spirit world is something that needed to be further explored after the first series ended. Aang’s connection to the spirit world was almost always related to gaining the power to stop the Fire Nation. That is not bad, but I like this avatar history lesson that we are getting. The avatar being part spirit makes a lot of sense and I can’t wait to see the fight between Korra and the team of Vatu and Unalaq. I assume that Vatu will team up with Unalaq in the fight realizing that he could use some bending help after his last defeat. How long will it take to get that fight? I am not sure, but I am looking forward to the big action.

If you can’t buy them, get them arrested.

I may be a fan of the upcoming fight that will go down in the spirit world, but the political action back at Republic City definitely has my attention. I love Varriack as a character. He truly embodies the corruption of a capitalist society in the best way possible. Always find a way to make a profit. Controlling companies, starting a war, and buying everyone around you. Those are things that I know well due to the fact that I live in the United States. His character is a smart evil that makes Varrick a great part of the story. I would like to see how Mako gets out of this one. Varrick is close to controlling the business structure of Republic City and stopping him will be tough. I am not going to doubt Asami’s ability to help her boyfriend, but Bolin may take some convincing, but I believe that he will aid Mako. I honestly think that it will be tougher to stop Varrick than it will be to fight Vatu and Unalaq. Unlike that battle in the spirit world, Varrick has too many people on his side. Team Avatar would have to fight the police at this point. Chief Beifong can’t blindly listen to the kids because she is in charge of a police force. I can’t wait to see this side of the story.

It was going to happen.

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