Impression – Galilei Donna, Episode 07


Episode 07 – “Saltwater Fish”

The worldwide tour to find Galileo’s lost treasure brings our girls to the salty Caspian Sea. They’re halfway through with collecting Galileo’s blueprints, and Roberto is hot on their trail. As expected from last episode, Anna seems to be playing the role of a double agent. Although she doens’t delve into the details, she tells Hozuki that she’s doing it out of love.

I’m interested in what kind of backstory the two might have. We know that Roberto had a traumatic childhood experience that drove him to be the cold-hearted bastard we see today, but what about Anna? She mentions to Hozuki that Roberto saved her and acted as a monument of strength for her, without showing a hint of emotion for her of course. The question we’re left to wonder is, “why?”


Despite all of the exposition we received last week about Roberto, he’s still the same stoic, trigger-happy origami asshole who doesn’t think twice about shooting the girls and their mecha goldfish out of the sky. He almost goes as far as killing the sisters to gain the goldfish necklace. I actually had to hold my breath because I thought that he might do it. The series purposely showed us last week what he’s capable of to make us stress out this episode.

If it weren’t for several strokes of luck, Cicinho and the sisters would have been dead by his hands. Thankfully, Kazuki’s perceived moment of weakness was actually the smartest decision. Giving him the necklace allowed them all to see the light of day again. But we still don’t know what its exact function is. They conclude that since Adnimoon needs it, it must be an energy source of some kind. A plausible idea since it generated heat that calmed the blizzard (which probably isn’t physically possible, I’ll let that slide).


While the girls may have lost the necklace, they still haven’t the blueprints. According the latest one retrieved by Hazuki and Hozuki, the next one is located in their father’s home country of Japan. I’m still not sure what language the girls are actually speaking to each other in, given that they lived in Italy. The fact that Hozuki knew that Grande Rosso was talking in the Kansai dialect makes things even more confusing. Oh well.


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