Impression – Kyoukai no Kanata, Episode 09


Episode 09 – “Silver Bamboo”

What’s that sound? Why it’s the sound of interesting plot development! I know I shouldn’t sound so obnoxious about it, but I wasn’t really drawn in by the story of the series until recently. Maybe it’s because all of the characters are so mysterious and no one really appears to be a clear “bad guy.” And yet, there are several people who have antagonistic traits at this point in time.

First and most obvious of all is Miroku. Not only did he attempt to blow up Hiroomi last episode, he intended on killing Ayaka while she was weakened by the Calm (or lull, if you swing that way). Oh yeah, let’s not forget that he pretty much tricked Sakura into collecting youmu souls with that awesome gun/spear/flamethrower thing of his. It’s the same weapon he uses this episode to absorb the remnants of the Hollow Youmu. His motive is yet unclear to me, but I imagine great power can be extracted from it. Why else would the Nases have it locked up?


Speaking of Nases, we have the ever mysterious Izumi Nase. She saves Ayaka from Miroku, which puts in her in a pretty good light. But then she has to go around and tell Mirai to kill Akihito. That’s not cool. Both of her younger siblings appear to be suspicious of her motives, arguing that she effectively gains nothing by having Akihito killed by Mirai. Apparently, there’s much animosity towards the Nase family at the moment, but will getting rid of the rare half-youmu really help the situation, especially if Mirai is the one who has to do it?

Understandably, Mirai is quite torn about this sudden weight on her shoulders. If Akihito is allowed to get out of hand, things could get dangerous very quickly. This also isn’t like all of those other times when Mirai stabbed him. Thanks to the Calm, if he dies he may very well die for real, and that’s kind of the whole point. What might be more at the forefront of everyone’s minds is the Beyond the Boundary. Not only is it the title of the series, but it’s claimed to be a large youmu.


I suppose we’ll have to wait until next week to hear more about this titular being, as well as the fate of Akihito. According the Mitsuki in the preview, he’ll have been dead for two weeks. Great. I’m also curious as to why she appears to be in a swimsuit and sitting on a lounge chair in the middle of winter.


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