Impression – Galilei Donna, Episode 08


Episode 08 – “Giappone”

The quest for the penultimate Galileo blueprint brings the Ferrari sisters back “home” or should I say, the home of their father: Japan. Not just any part either. We’re talking about Kyoto and Nara, which makes it like super-traditional Japan. Allowing for some leisure, the girls decide to do a little sight-seeing around the historical city. Also, how they ever managed to repair their goldfish, I’ll never understand.


Serendipitously, the sisters run into their grandfather, though only Hazuki is old enough to recognize him. For the sudden hospitality that he shows his granddaughters (and Anna), Hozuki makes use of an old blueprint that her father left behind. It turns out that he was sort of a genius back in the day, despite how he may seem now. He used to work a bunch of odd jobs and then settled into his current hippie look. Speaking of which, where the hell is he? He’s been gone for like 6 episodes!

Despite all the fun and games, Hazuki finds herself doubting everything she’s believed in until this point. Being a law student, it’s easy to see why she had faith in justice and order, believing that they have more power than they probably possess in reality. Because of this, she probably feels guilty about almost getting everyone killed by Roberto. Rightfully so, as we overhear from his conversation with Anna, he’s prepared to kill the three sisters after retrieving the Galileo artifacts.


Good thing Cicinho is here to save the day. Well, he at least is able to get Hazuki back to her upbeat, hopeful self by telling her that bad people shouldn’t be allowed to hold power because they do not uphold ideals. For this reason, those who are righteous and just are necessary to create order and preserve ideals. While vague (and debatable), this cool guy act by Cicinho is enough to put Hazuki’s doubts at ease. Of course, he promises to return to steal the Galilei artifacts along with her heart. What a guy.



“I learned how powerless my precious ‘justice’ really is.” ~ Hazuki Ferrari

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