Impression – Little Busters! ~Refrain~, Episode 09


Episode 09 – “A Friend’s Tears”

The reconstruction of the past continues this week as Riki attempts to recruit Kengo back into the Little Busters. It’s difficult to talk about this subject as if it were one continuous timeline, but that’s pretty much how everyone barring Riki and Rin view the world now. It’s a closed-off reality where their main concern is to protect the two, though Kyousuke failed in the previous reality and fell into despair.

In hopes of fighting against fate and bringing back Kyousuke from the darkness, Riki is one member away from reassembling the original members of the Little Busters. Well, besides Kyousuke of course. Kengo might be the toughest adversary yet because, as Masato puts it, he may be the most stupid. Personally, I’m sure about stupid, but I do think he’s the most stubborn.


His whole life has been built upon the fact that he has never lost a match with anyone. I’m sure he doesn’t that the previous baseball match in the rain, when Kyousuke cheated (by some method that I do not yet understand) thereby causing Kengo and Riki to lose. Since that failure, Kengo takes it upon himself to beat Riki at a second baseball match. He believes that this victory will ensure Riki and Rin’s safety, preventing the tragedy that happened last time.

Well, Kengo may believe that that’s the best course of action, but Riki thinks otherwise. Even though he knows nothing about these multiple realities, Riki is determined that reuniting the Little Busters is the right thing to do and that he must do it by his own hand. Maybe that’s the key? Kyousuke manipulated the events of the previous reality, leading to a “bad end.” This time, Riki is has taken the reigns with Rin eagerly following alongside him. Perhaps this change is strong enough to deflect reality towards the “true end.”


It’s certainly powerful enough to drive Kengo into a surprising defeat, so things are starting to look hopeful, or so I thought until I saw Kyousuke huddled in an unknown place, covered in blood. This series will never cease to surprise or worry me.


“Does this mean it isn’t impossible to reset everything, after all?” ~ Kengo Miyazawa

One response to “Impression – Little Busters! ~Refrain~, Episode 09

  1. I enjoyed the Kengo episode, more insight on his character was nice and the end of it was really emotional. It’s interesting how Kengo put up such a stoic front at the beginning of the series and yet his real personality ended up being quite different. In a way, Kengo really was the most childlike.

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