Impression – Coppelion, Episode 10


Episode 10 – “Human”

Slowly but steadily I am catching up with this series. Don’t worry, it’ll totally happen. And as we speak, Coppelion seems to be getting crazier and more over the top with its animation style, humor, and action sequences. I don’t watch Kill la Kill, but I imagine it’s kind of similar (I’ve watch FLCL and part of TTGL so I guess I’m allowed to pass some judgment).

This episode, the team carries out an elaborate plan to evacuate everyone safely, while saving Ibuki’s husband Gojirou from the 1st Division. This plan requires using Ibara, Aoi, Haruto, and No-sense to distract the 1st Division troops along with the Ozu sisters. I don’t know when, but I’ve started to really like the Ozu sisters, especially Kanon. Maybe it’s the fact that we have Yui Horie playing a sadistic, electricity shooting schoolgirl. I also found it kind of cute when she got afraid of the water, completely out of character for someone who has the blood of electric eels and a serial killer in her veins.


Last time, I pondered over whether No-sense triggered a death flag by becoming such a sympathetic character, and his confrontation with the younger Ozu sister kind of scared me. I thought for sure he was going to die, thereby instilling Aoi with amazing strength and courage. But, that would be a bit too cliche wouldn’t it? Instead, Aoi pulls off some overly-cool jumps before running away on a swan boat. Does Japan really have so many of those (like in Digimon Adventure)?


Speaking of death flags, I was wondering if Gojirou was going to bite dust after saving Haruto and Ibara from Kanon. I mean there’s still time for someone to die, and I’m wondering if everyone can possibly make it out alive. I’m sort of hedging my bets on “yes” because it feels like the series spent a lot of time dealing with tragedy in the first few episodes. Now, to contrast that tone we have a more light-hearted comic book setting. Sure, people can still die, but I think it’s more about heroism and redemption now. Oh yeah, there’s the big ass robot too.

“I’m a ghost…a ghost that haunts this town.” ~ Gojirou Kajii


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