Impression – Galilei Donna, Episode 10


Episode 10 – “Space-Time Goldfish, Part 2”

I honestly don’t know if I can really take this series seriously anymore. I mean sure, there’s the novelty of Hozuki going back in time to visit her long lost ancestor, but it’s all brought about so suddenly. I guess you could argue that this encounter was sort of predetermined and foreshadowed right from the very beginning when the first Galileo sketch was uncovered and that the entire series has been building up to this moment. Well, I suppose if you think of it like that, then this little aside feels a little more excusable.


Still, I don’t think there was any clear purpose for Hozuki’s time travel excursion, outside you know fulfilling the prophecy and setting history straight. Given the current situation, in which she and her sisters are about to be annihilated by missiles, I would have thought there would be a more immediate outcome from meeting Galileo. But no, when Hozuki manages to return to present day, it’s the Black Ganymede that ends up saving the day.

For me, this kind of diminishes the value of the last two episodes, in which we spent time knowing Galileo’s character and his motivation. Maybe I’m expecting too much and that’s just it. Maybe the whole purpose of the time jump was to show us that all Galileo needed was a little companionship from the cute Hozuki to drive him to do the wondrous things we know him for today. Contrast this to Roberto, whose life has been trampled by malevolence.


I think the thing that will eventually tie everything together is the true purpose of the Galileo Tesoro. We know it has something to do with Hozuki’s leap through time because the flashing lights and hourglass design are a dead giveaway. However, the physics and mathematics behind it all (as Galileo would say) remain a mystery. How the series will manage to wrap everything up in just 1 more episode is perhaps an even bigger mystery to me right now.

“People fear truths, but I do not…” ~ Galileo Galilei


One response to “Impression – Galilei Donna, Episode 10

  1. I stopped taking this anime seriously at about episode 3. Still, I can see why even those viewers who got plenty of enjoyment out of the show prior to these last couple of weeks are now raising their eyebrows – and like you, I’m definitely curious as to how exactly everything will be tied together in the space of just one more episode.

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