Impression – Galilei Donna, Episode 11


Episode 11 – “Galileo Judge”

What the hell did I just watch? That’s pretty going to be the theme of this here post and this here anime series. There are just so many loose ends and a lot of what happens in the final episode doesn’t really make sense to me. I’ll forgive the fact that the three sisters are suddenly thrust into a courtroom, as it parallels the social opposition that Galileo faced throughout his entire life. However, this connection wasn’t put to its fullest potential in my opinion. Instead we get a lot of needless back and forth as the Adnimoon guys try to get Hozuki for homicide (which, I guess is kind of funny to think about).


I think my favorite part about this episode is the funny old attorney that gets hired for them because it turns out that it’s the good old GanyBoss. Who hired him for them, we’ll never know. But it’s thanks to him that the girls get the evidence they need to stick the crime on the Adnimoon guys, who have been using the underground organization Messier to hoard the world’s supply of methane hydrate.

In the end, it’s a family affair as the entire Galileo family takes down the evil Adnimoon corporation. Though, I guess you can say that in the end, it’s Roberto that delivers the final blow (quite literally). I still don’t understand why he did it though. Maybe they explain in the episode and I wasn’t paying attention. It honestly doesn’t matter all that much to me because any explanation that can be carried out in such a short period of time is probably insufficient.


As we suspected for a while, all of the sketches were addressed to Hozuki. This is a little creepy because they’re distant relatives, but I guess it’s still a little cute. I think the coolest thing about the relationship how Galileo refers to her as the one whose name contains the Moon. Of course, he’s referring to the “-zuki” part which is normally pronounced “tsuki” and written as 月. Interestingly, the “Ho-” part is written as  星, which means star. So Hozuki literally means starry moon! That’s cute…

I really wanted to like this series, and maybe it’s that high expectation that led me to not like it as much. But regardless of expectation, there are still some pretty glaring flaws with the series. It was an interesting adventure, but I can’t say I’m looking forward to any sequel.

“I will not forget you… You whose name contains the Moon.” ~ Galileo Galilei


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