Impression – Durarara!!x2 Shou, Episode 03


Episode 03 – “Adding Insult to Injury”

The action and momentum really begin to build this week, as parts of a puzzle that we didn’t even know we were solving slowly piece themselves together. This week, we follow up on what happens to the poor zombie and suspicious tall guy who get launched by Shizuo. It turns out that the zombie is Ruri Hijiribe, the super famous idol that Togusa is in love with, and she has the curious ability of turning in monsters due to some sort of cursed blood that she possesses.


Throughout the original series, we were made to believe that Celty was the only real supernatural being in Ikebukuro, aside from cursed swords named Saika. But now we’re reminded once again that Ikebukuro seems to have a limitless number of surprises in store for us this season, and if it’s supernatural things we’re talking about, Shinra’s father going to want to dissect it. Celty mentions that she and Ruri share the same supernatural “scent,” and Celty’s very existence gives Ruri new hope, that being a monster has no bearing on whether you can enjoy your life.

And that’s exactly why he hires those Russian goons to capture Ruri for him, but Shizuo and his actor brother Yuhei inadvertently thwart his plan. Shizuo almost kills her and the Russian hitman, while Yuhei saves her by bringing her to Shinra and offers to give her shelter. Ruri makes the incredibly compelling comparison between herself and Yuhei, wherein one is a human who wants to be a monster and a monster who wants to be a human. Both of them accomplish their desires through acting, just to opposite ends.


I also enjoyed Walker and Erika’s stimulating conversation about the greatness of second dimension. It always feels very meta when they talk about anime, and I like how their new van door has Miyuki Shiba from Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei on it. Walker also makes a striking point about figures being 2.5 D, the best of both worlds. This coincides well with my recent pre-order of the Fire Emblem Lucina figma.

“So that’s why I became an actor. To get a share of the human heart from all the different characters I play.” ~ Yuhei Heiwajima


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