Impression – Durarara!!x2: Shou, Episode 04


Episode 04 – “When in Rome, Do As the Romans Do”

As always in Durarara!!x2, almost too much happens but it feels like we sort of get closure on the first arc of the story, dealing with Celty’s money troubles. In fact, this entire episode was pretty much all about Celty, and I think that’s awesome because she’s the mascot of the anime and while we’ve had some funny and touching moments in the original series, we haven’t really seen much of Celty in terms of character development. That is, until now when we’ve flash-fowarded the series six months, in which apparently a lot has happened.


Once again, with Ruri acting as Celty’s foil, Celty reveals that she experiences some very human emotions despite her very not human existence, with much thanks to all of the people that she’s met. So I suppose it’s less “do as the Romans do” and more “do as the humans do” because if it weren’t for her complete lack of head and voice, Celty could pass for a perfect human. Well, okay so there’s lots of other stuff that she does which is unnatural but that doesn’t matter. What DOES matter is that Celty and Shinra are basically a canon couple now, which makes me and a lot of people happy I think. Those two are one of the few couples on my very short ship list.

According to Izaya, his little sisters were the ones stirring up trouble, using the money they found to pay Shinra for taking care of Egor and then to Celty, and all just for a chance to meet Celty. Although this turned out to be a good deed, it shows that those are equally as meddlesome and fearsome as their older brother. The episode ends with a bunch of loose ends to be picked up in the future, namely the state of Anri’s demon blade Saika and Aoba’s plan to take out Izaya. It turns out that Saika has the power to cut people without Anri knowing, as it did with Egor at the karaoke bar.


I’m interested to see how the confrontation between Izaya and Aoba will pan out. Izaya has always been this untouchable entity, except when Simon and Namie are involved, so how will some random kid fair against him? Also, how about Erika without her hat, huh? I didn’t couldn’t even recognize her at all.

“Vacation’s over, you miserable bastards.” ~ Izaya Orihara


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