Impression – Go On, Episode 10









This week’s episode was quite odd, but in a good way. The two main stories we are introduced to are less two characters and more two concepts in getting old and moving on romantically. We see Ryan attempting to get back on the dating scene when he meets up with guest star Misty May Treanor for some beach volleyball. Ryan is about as awkward with the ladies as I am, which is saying something, and he ultimately embarrasses himself by throwing out his back. This links to our other theme which is getting old. George, who is played by Bill Cobbs, is celebrating not dying. George is very old and is suffering from loss of hearing, sight, and many other stereotypical things from being old. Even though he was told not to do it, George storms out in an attempt to live it up like he used to. Wile he is gone we see Ryan fail to move on from Janie even though he gets date offers from some of the volleyball players that he met. At a low point we see Ryan try to kiss Lauren which apparently happens to most of her patients. At the end we see Ryan picking up George and getting some words of wisdom. Ryan is told something that I found to be very wise: “Life is not short, it is long. We can’t go out trying to force these things to happen to us. The right person will come to you and you just have to be ready to accept them.” I was paraphrasing, but that statement really stuck with me and I really enjoyed the fact that we are getting some good lessons on moving on from so many different types of characters. However, Ryan was not the only one trying to find new love. Danny starts to feel something for Sonia when they go to look for her missing cat. We see Sonia finally reciprocate feelings for Danny when he “finds” her cat. I was happy to see Danny start to move on from his cheating wife because his character has been irritating me from the beginning.

A theme of episode ten.












Current Opinion of the Show:

I am liking the way that the writers are showing the progression of the plot for everyone actually. We are getting some great reasons to feel attached to these people and that is ultimately the goal of a good series. I look forward to seeing more from the side characters who have been pretty important to the story recently.

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