Impression – Arakawa Under the Bridge, Episode 10

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We get to see some normal community activities turn abnormal as the fire drill involves a real fire. The normal hilarity and a funny story regarding how much Sister spoils the Mayor is cut off by a horrible turn of events. Kou has been spied on by the people he trusted and more information is finding its way to Kou’s father. Recruit is warned that the land under the bridge has been bought by his father’s company. No matter how much he tries to warn the mayor and the other residents, no one takes Recruit seriously which is just as frustrating as the usual conflict of ideas that is usually present. The threats are technically theoretical until Kou is confronted by a member of MLIT that tells the residents that they are being evicted. This does not blow over very well with the villagers and we start to see something very interesting in Recruit. Recruit has come to like the bridge and the people around him and he is going to fight to keep everyone’s home. This is a great development as we see Recruit start to enjoy what is, when you look past the crazy, a simple life.

I would hate to have to evict someone.

I would hate to have to evict someone.









Current Opinion of the Show:

I am really excited about the serious issue we are confronted with. The growth of Recruit is hitting a major stage and that is something that I think viewers should be really happy about. I am looking forward to the next episode because I think we will have a different feel in comparison to the previous parts of the story.

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