Impression – Arakawa Under the Bridge, Episode 09

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Hoshi is still depressed by the kiss and cannot stop Stella from dragging him around to help her make some food for Sister. Things blow up when Recruit fears that Stella will learn of Sister’s love for Maria and, as any good comedy would set up, Hoshi unwittingly reveals that exact information to Stella. This results in a showdown between Stella and Maria which ends about as quickly as it started. Stella could not handle the skill that Maria has gained through her military days, but what happens next is a little unexpected. Maria actually enjoys the company of women and she befriends Stella. Sisters life just got a lot more complex. The other story that is told would be Hoshi’s history. Hoshi tells Recruit about how he was a famous musician that gained stardom by performing songs that were not his own. Hoshi began to lose confidence in his own songwriting until Nino overheard him one day and was delighted by his own work. This prompted Hoshi to want more from his life and jeopardize his career by using his own material. The story is heartwarming, but parts of it are a bit fishy and Recruit is not buying it. Needless to say, these two will be at each other for the rest of our story.

Don't we all want to be stars? I don't actually. I like the simple life.

Don’t we all want to be stars? I don’t actually. I like the simple life.











Current Opinion of the Show:

Honestly not my favorite episode. It was funny and we got to see more of Maria and Sister, but I just feel that we were picking up steam in recent episodes and this one sort of flattened the mood. Still a good episode and I am looking forward to episode ten.

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