Impression – Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!, Episode 02









Yuuta is having a pretty hard time trying to escape his past in this week’s episode. Things get interesting as we see Rikka continue to find a way into Yuuta’s life by trying to force a cat onto him. We get to see Yuuta and Rikka develop a dynamic that I find very entertaining where the eccentric female lead wears down the straight thinking male lead. I guess that the people over at Kyoto Animation agree with me because Hyouka and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya are prime examples of series with this character dynamic as well as two series that I very much enjoyed. School life continues to be interesting for the two and we are introduced to two characters that are very interesting. The cat that is found is suspected to belong to a girl named Kumin who recently lost her own cat. The three students go to Rikka’s house to confirm the identity of the cat and are instead shown the Indiana Jones level of odd toys that Rikka has in her possession. Against his better judgement, Yuuta gets excited over a gun that Rikka owns and his normal student mask is starting to be removed. The image is even harder to maintain when recordings of Yuuta’s Dark Flame Master act are used as blackmail by the other character we are introduced to. Touka is Rikka’s older sister who can’t have the cat around due to her allergies. Unfortunately, Rikka dramatizes the situation and the night turns into a chase. After sounder minds prevail, Yuuta gives in and agrees to take care of the cat. Some guys just can’t say no to a girl’s request.

Words hold far too much power.

Words hold far too much power.










Current Opinion of the Show:

I am really starting to get into this show. Anyone who has even seen a trailer for Chuunibyou should know how beautiful it is and that visual prowess is shown off well when we get to see how fights work in Rikka’s imagination. We can see a relationship starting to develop between the two leads that Is so obvious that some might be unhappy with it. I on the other hand will judge this if and when the romance gets really developed. I am looking forward to more embarrassing antics and hopefully some more recurring characters.

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