Impression – Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!, Episode 05









Some people just can’t handle math. We get our classic high school dilemma when Rikka performs very poorly on the recent math test. Luckily, Yuuta is convinced to tutor Rikka, but things do not go as well as they should. Rikka is more easily distracted than I am and all of her math based frustrations burst out with a question that a lot of people ask. We all have questioned why people purchase 100 watermelons and why we need to know when Sally got to the party, but no one said that the people writing math textbooks were literary geniuses. Exhausted, the two take a break and Rikka ends up exchanging e-mail addresses with Yuuta. Yuuta still has his Chuunibyou inspired title which really interests Rikka. This reaction gives Yuuta an idea. If Rikka does well enough on her math test, Yuuta will come up with a cool e-mail address for her. Unfortunately, we learn that Rikka has few friends and that starts to get to Yuuta. I know I was sad to hear this news as the mood of the episode dropped. Even though her score was not very high, Rikka gets above the class average and that is an accomplishment worth celebrating. Yuuta then rewards Rikka with a new e-mail address that she is extremely happy with. I swear these two kids are quite the pair.

Math is like a foreign language.

Math is like a foreign language.










Current Opinion of the Show:

I can tell that Chuunibyou is going to focus quite heavily on Yuuta and Rikka and I am completely alright with that. I am already very invested in seeing their relationship develop and I have yet to see anything that will take focus away from that. Episode five was basically used to develop Rikka and it was nice to see. I am hoping for some more looks into Yuuta’s past because I need more Dark Flame Master.

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