Impression: Ai Mai Mi – Episode 01

 ai mai mi_2

Ai Mai Mi (Dream Creation) – Genre: Comedy, Slife-of-Life

Ai Mai Mi is the second series this season to feature a group of girls who are aspiring manga writers. Much like Mangirl!, each episode is very short (less than 5 minutes) and is therefore very digestible. That is, I would like to say that, but it may not be so true this time around. The only way I feel that I can accurately describe this show is by comparing it to something that would appear on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. The comedy is very situational, there are many non sequiturs, and the jokes contain many pop culture references.

ai mai mi_1

The very first scene shows a girl encountering a kappa in a pond, which Japanese tradition would say to offer a cucumber to it. However, the girl chucks a whole cucumber at the poor kappa’s skull and effectively murders it in cold blood. Of course, this scene has no pertinence to the events of the rest of the episode. To draw more parallels between Ai Mai Mi and Adult Swim, the animation style feels very “American.” The colors are a little more dull than most anime, and there seems to be less frames overall, making movements seem jumpy – which may be intentional for comedic effect.

ai mai mi_3

If off-the-wall, nonsensical, and unabashed humor is your kind of thing, go for it. Ai Mai Mi is based a unique style of manga that only utilizes four panels, so it’s easy to see how it was designed mostly for quick laughs. Personally, I’d say I’ll have to pass on this one.

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